Pool Slide Story MOD APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited money)

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NamePool Slide Story APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Money Never Decrease

Hot summer days, free holidays, your family will choose where to stop. Immerse yourself in the fresh water and enjoy the rides from the amusement water park. Instead of having to go to the place to experience, let Pool Slide Story bring the water park to your home. This is a simulation game that helps you fulfill your dreams. Become the manager of not only a swimming pool but also a large water park. The game belongs to the Kairosoft company – a company famous for its popular simulation games. Previously, this company has launched many simulation games of schools, cities, … attracting the attention of the gaming community.

Currently, the earth’s weather is becoming hotter and hotter, the model of water parks is also becoming more popular. Therefore, creating fierce competition between companies not only in real life but also in the game. At the top of the massive water park chain full of pools, slides, food courts, and more. Come up with complete strategies to drive revenue and popularity of your park. Add gadgets so users can take selfies at your park. Create scenes with beautiful, colorful views at the swimming pool for participants to check in. Creating waves, splashing water delights visitors.

Pool Slide Story mod

Download Pool Slide Story mod – Manage amusement water park with utilities that attract people

At the beginning of the game screen, you only own a small swimming pool model with a limited amount of capital. Only with a blue outdoor swimming pool with a cashier with a blue roof that matches the pool. The number of visitors to the swimming pool is not too much day by day. Do not see the few guests that are discouraged, they are the saviors of your swimming pool. Gradually thanks to posts on social networks, people spread the word, the number of guests coming to your pool is increasing. Thanks to that, you have earned enough gold coins to expand your swimming pool. Expand outdoor swimming pool areas, build amusement parks, invest in indoor swimming pools.

Pool Slide Story mod apk

Reviews from customers

Customers are the main source of income of Pool Slide Story amusement water park. Please everyone who comes here, whether young or old. Like a social network, your park has a fan page called Sunny Gallery Pool. This is the place to collect comments, reply to messages from customers. They will post good reviews for your pool on the timeline. For each good comment, the player will collect 1Y yellow sunflowers. Attached to the main comments are pictures they took at the swimming pool. These photos are taken with the camera button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Pool Slide Story android

Building a utility area

Because it is necessary to satisfy all customers, next to the swimming pool is a mandatory area. Earn money and sunflowers to build more utility areas such as amusement parks, food courts, service counters. Pizza, hamburger, fast food stalls are right in front of the swimming pool. As soon as customers have finished bathing they can come and buy their favorite food. There are also float rental places, with stacks of colorful floats in blue, red, purple, yellow, … A series of three-story water slides through two swimming pools with a circular staircase. Besides, there are fountains shaped like pink flowers. The white resort single beds with the same tone roof are indispensable.

Pool Slide Story apk free

Colorful customers

Since swimming pools are generally well received in the summer, the color scheme of Pool Slide Story comes in a variety of colors. Young boys and girls play naked in the water. The girl with the orange swimsuit stands out with shiny black hair. Or the blonde girl with the flowery hat. Besides, the water park is also decorated with different flowers. The floor is covered with a yellow-brown color, the corridor is with red-green flower clusters. Swim floats come in a variety of shapes. From a yellow banana-shaped float or a white swan-shaped float. Customer support NPCs also come in a variety of forms. Blue penguin or yellow worm.

Pool Slide Story apk

Players are spoiled for choice in areas where swimming pools, slides, and resorts are located. Two three-tiered slides can be placed in a row. Or the swimming pool area is surrounded by a green fence. The sounds emanating from customers will satisfy you. The howls of satisfaction like Nice!, Yeah!, Whoa!,…Lots of money and golden sunflowers. This is an important tool for water park development. Make your theme park the most popular park in the area. Download Pool Slide Story mod to manage indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Download Pool Slide Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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