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Updated 02/04/2024 (4 months ago)
NameMy City: High School APK
PublisherMy Town Games Ltd
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK My City: High School

Owning a city is the dream of many of us. You can do anything in this city without fear of judgment. Experiment with everything to your liking, even destructive. People also never have an opinion on what you ask for. It is a paradise where we enjoy the most interesting things. My City: High School is a great choice for you to explore. This is probably the game with the most versions, My City: Boat Adventures and My City: London are also developed by the same publisher.

To be able to teach children to develop their personality from an early age, people have thought of games. My City: High School is exactly what can teach children to do this. A fun and educational game for children is the optimal solution. Letting children play and learn at the same time makes it easy for children to automatically absorb. Bright images and eye-catching colors of a fun world. A place where you can have the right to choose whatever you like best. Build initiative in each person through extremely good topics. The game maker was extremely smart in choosing unique gameplay.

My City High School mod apk

Download My City: High School – Have fun at high school

When entering high school life, not many people will be surprised. Some people even have a fear of having to change schools. The high school life in My City: High School will be different. It shows you that high school is not a dark place. Every day at school is a happy day that we should enjoy. At this special school, you can enjoy whatever you love. Do whatever you want without fear of teacher scolding. Discover what’s so exciting about learning. Interact with any object you love by touching it. Follow your own path and no one else’s.

My City High School mod download

New things

At this new school in My City: High School, you will meet new friends. These friends are extremely friendly and will help you with your studies. Each of these friends will have a different style. Their academic performance will also vary from time to time. But all of you have always been good friends. Not only that, new classes are always new experiences. Decorated in a unique style by your own hand. The teachers will undertake the specific subjects they are assigned. Interesting lessons will be taught to you with deeper knowledge. Helping you grow up on your way to being a better citizen.

My City High School mod free

Explore the classroom

There will be separate classrooms for different subjects in the curriculum. These classrooms will help impart you a rich source of practical knowledge. Makes it easier for you to visualize what the teacher wants to say. There will be rooms like physics with specialized equipment for this subject. The art room is the place where you can freely create art with extremely rich paintings. The chemistry room is where laboratory chemicals are created specifically for reactions. Here you can practice mixing any solution together to create a new chemical reaction. Discover all the fun stuff here for yourself.

My City High School mod android

Performed a play

In the Western school system, it is common to have a troupe. This troupe is where the students practice acting. Characters from a particular story will appear. This story will be agreed by the students and assigned each key role. This is where you show off your acting talent. Choose your favorite character and start acting for the audience. The audience will be amazed and amused by your virtuosity. Your play will be performed publicly throughout the school. All parents, teachers, and other students will be present to admire the work of the whole troupe. Don’t let the audience down.

My City High School mod apk free

Enjoy a delicious lunch

Lunch is what fuels our next lessons. You can go to the canteen and choose the best meal for yourself. The food here will be laid out in front of you with a variety of delicious dishes. Whatever you eat, you pick it up for yourself and put it on the tray. Sit down to eat and chat with new friends and create a fun atmosphere. Eat a delicious meal with adequate nutrition so that you can have enough energy to study for another session. All the most interesting is waiting for you in My City: High School mod, don’t miss it.

How to Download & Install My City: High School APK for Android


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