Pocket Land MOD APK (Unlimited coin/Upgrade) 0.90.2

Updated 20/05/2024 (1 week ago)
NamePocket Land APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coin/Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1 +
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Introduce MOD APK Pocket Land

The cheerful farmer in Pocket Land will let you experience the life of a real farmer where there are only trees and green nature. Plant fruit trees on fertile soil and wait for them to bear fruit. Harvest the fruits and plant more trees to increase the yield. Expand the land area to have more farming area, and upgrade the farmer with new tools so he can do more things. Equip him with the best-improved suits to make it easier to cut firewood. Check-in daily to receive more attractive gifts, and don’t forget to complete daily tasks that will help increase your income.

From time immemorial, farming and harvesting will always go hand in hand and here too. You will have complete discretion to harvest or sell crops to bring back newer varieties. When the land has developed, many customers will be coming to order for you, and your task is to fulfil the customer’s orders with fresh and clean products. Watch the plants to see if they have any problems because they grow and develop very quickly, and make sure nothing unusual happens to them. Pets will be a great help here when helping you collect agricultural products faster.

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Download Pocket Land mod apk – The Farmer and the magical land

Before he was a farmer, he was a helpless orphan. A small reformatory raised him up and into adulthood; in the process of being raised, he realized that he had a strong passion for agriculture and crops. He tried his best to learn and read many books about crops and how to cultivate them to produce the best agricultural products. Luck smiled at the young man as he studied, worked, and completed a professional program in agriculture. But one day he got lost in a strange land and the thrilling story begins here.

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Island of miracles

You get lost and feel like you have come to an extraordinary place, different from other places on this Earth. The farmer woke up and found himself standing on a small land surrounded by an endless ocean. But the young man still carried some seeds and tried to sow them here. Their growth was dizzying, and they quickly produced high-quality products, far superior to the types of land they had previously worked on. Therefore, he decided to plant many trees to turn this place into a farm specializing in providing fresh food for local people.

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Meeting the food needs of the Aboriginal people

Since the soil will accelerate the maturation of the seeds, make the most of this advantage. As a beginner, there will be bare fruit trees for you to seed and harvest. When the harvest is successful, you will sell those products to Aboriginal people living in other areas. Selling items to them will receive gold coins to upgrade items, build houses or buy new plants. As the land is expanded, you will grow more trees and increase your income. And At higher levels, you will have enough money to build new buildings, which will help you find new recipes.

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Precious animals

Harvesting fruit from the trees requires you to move to each place to get the fruit. This is extremely time-consuming when the plot is more extensive, and you must plant many trees. Therefore, the pet system is an effective tool to reduce the time for this. The animals will help the owner move faster to the plants. This seems simple, but it will help the farmer quickly complete orders, maximize income, and move faster to projects that require considerable financial resources.

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Working tools

The guy will have his outfit interface and unique tools. Two main mechanisms are essential and will be used by him the most. The first is the axe, a tool for him to remove unnecessary plants and plant new ones. Because the land is so narrow that only a few trees can be grown, making room for the necessary plants is essential. Gem mines will be challenging to find but always carry a pickaxe with you to be ready to dig up rocks at Pocket Land mod apk.

How to Download & Install Pocket Land MOD APK (Unlimited coin/Upgrade) for Android


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