Pocket Champs MOD APK (Menu, Bypass Shop Item) 4.1.10

Updated 02/12/2023 (1 week ago)
NamePocket Champs APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Bypass Shop Item
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Pocket Champs MOD APK Information


  1. Bypass Shop Item Gem ( See Notes below )
  2. Unlocked Skins
  3. Unlocked Gadgets
  4. Block Pop Up Ads.

Introduce MOD APK Pocket Champs

Train your character and grab the crown for the best rider in Pocket Champs. You will participate in a race against other champions in the world. Focus time on training, running and flying the character to join the race. Improve your character’s stats and prepare for the race’s surprises. There will be limited-time races you must be crazy about winning. Choose characters and equipment like running shoes or flying skills to move faster. You can open tools to help you run faster in chests that refresh daily. Race hard against the champions, so you become the best of them all.

Use one of the racers with unique skills to enter running competitions. Upgrade to advanced skills from basic skills to complete challenges. Control the running direction of the characters moving on the road by manipulating the race. The racetracks will have shortcuts, and you have to take advantage of them to finish as quickly as possible. You will also acquire new character skins through the use of victory rewards. Use those skins to beautify the character and bring speed to the track. Compete against the pressure of champions from different places. Defend your number one spot on the race leaderboards.

Pocket Champs mod apk

Download Pocket Champs mod – Outrun all opponents in running competitions

Perform running and climbing movements throughout the race to compete for first place of the race. The operations need to take place continuously, and not everyone can persist to the end. Only those who do it can compete in the race championship. However, there will be dangers not in the plan that will always appear in the journey. They are present throughout the race and are ready to be eliminated abruptly at the front. It takes a plan to get through them safely and keep moving. On the track will be ominous collisions that affect your progress. Challenge yourself on the trails and leave your opponents behind.

Pocket Champs apk

Daredevil race

It would help if you also reacted to obstacles to continue the race. Blocks can appear randomly and change suddenly, so you don’t have time to respond. Competitors will also act decisively to eliminate you from the race. They can come close and collide with you to push you out of your track. Avoid obstacles from other players and blocks from the map so you can continue to advance. Your plan will always be to finish at number one in the safest state. The talent to control your character will be what helps you to be resolute in the difficult things ahead and continue to the finish line.

Pocket Champs android

The ability to race

Your character is easily controllable with traits that can aid you in racing. Running is an essential ability automatically performed by your character at the start of races. Control their running speed by tilting the phone throughout the track in the correct direction. The character’s jumping ability helps them overcome the race with obstacles and steep slopes. Avoid falling off the way with the jump button when the character approaches the obstacle ahead. You can also help your character fly, swim or climb if you encounter that path. Those abilities speed up your race completion and are only unlocked as you level up.

Pocket Champs free

Character customization

Create your unique characters in races with different combinations. Your character will change skin color and use clothes for each race separately. Try changing your character’s hair, and you’ll have a favorite character look. The game also has challenges for you to overcome and win unique features. For example, you can give the character new shoes to make them run faster than others. Use the rear-mounted jet tool to make nature fly over higher obstacles. Prove your character’s talent in the race with your customizations. Use unlocking features to increase your character’s running performance.

Pocket Champs mod

Join limited-time races to challenge your character in the game. You can participate in unique races and win prizes of your own. The rewards will become worth it when hundreds of riders are left behind by you. Prove your talent by becoming the champion of every race ahead. Join online races with friends and other talented riders around the world. Download Pocket Champs mod to leave your opponents behind and prove you are the only champion in the races.

How to Download & Install Pocket Champs MOD APK (Menu, Bypass Shop Item) for Android


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11 months ago

It’s asking me for an update. Can’t play!