North Tower MOD APK 1.3.4 (Menu, God mode/High damage)

Updated on 11/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameNorth Tower APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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North Tower is a quality defense strategy video game. With idle mode, just a few operations, players can conquer the game. A large number of gamers are passionate and interested in this game genre. There must be specific strategies with tactics for the defense of his tower. Sometimes some components don’t like the automatic feature too. They also want to impact the game from time to time. Responding to this need, North Tower was born with a combination of simple clicks and idle. You can join in the tower defense battle. In addition, the game will run automatically if you need to take a break.

With 3D shaping for the background and characters. Create a sense of reality for the space of this world. Like other tower defense models, you will be an army commander. Defend the territory and, most importantly, the mighty tower in the game. There will be many opponents and enemies with evil intentions. Want to invade the building and destroy all to be the hegemony. Surely you won’t let that happen, right? The strongest legions are waiting for your direction.

North Tower mod

Download North Tower mod – defend territory

The commander’s task is to form an elite army with intelligent strategies. Soldiers will be wearing protective armor, swords, and bows in their hands, with loyalty and determination to fight to the end to protect the tower. To get in the way of the enemy, create suitable positions. In addition, your task is to collect and combine weapons of the same frequency. This will increase the strength of the army. Upgrade their equipment and combat power. Of course, if you own a powerful army, the chances of victory will be very high. Be an intelligent leader and always make reasonable decisions. All your leads are valuable strategies for the legions. The placement of the tower is also essential. Around the sub-towers, there will be a prominent tower in the middle.

North Tower apk

Hero Unlock

Through each game screen, the number of enemy troops will be more and more numerous and more aggressive. The commander must have strong warriors and higher combat skills. So the heroes in North Tower will be very diverse and waiting for you to unlock. To develop the tower, the rookie must first be able to defend. There will be super powerful heroes ready to wait for orders. When you pass the levels, you will be unlocked and summoned. They will appear in powerful costumes, sometimes even animals. Heroes possess fighting skills with massive appearances. It will strengthen your squad and firmly defend the other tower. So let’s join and collect for yourself a collection of the ultimate heroes!

North Tower mod apk

Defeat the boss

The player will go to the final match through many tower battles. This is also the decisive and most important battle. You will meet a scary boss and possibly a giant summoned beast. But, of course, its size will also match its strength. It will undoubtedly be challenging to deal with, and you will lose a lot of soldiers. It was evident that every battle had. So let’s create the most powerful and largest army ever. Bring up warriors with special powers and be your trump card. The boss probably won’t last long if your rookie is too strong. In particular, there must be accompanying tactics to hit the face quickly. Also, develop and upgrade the sturdiest tower possible.

North Tower android

Conquer the land

You will have countless different lands to develop and expand your territory. You must show yourself as the most extraordinary tower commanding hero. There are many maps with summoned beasts possessing variable powers. Through each land, there will be particular challenges and more difficult battles. But are you willing to accept that? Besides, there are countless strange features that players can not give up. For example, in challenges, there will be special rounds. Players will fight and give themselves attractive resources and rewards.

North Tower apk free

All in all, this is a game that combines the use of hands and a strategic mind. Become a leader with creativity and a fighting spirit. Although old-fashioned, it is very addictive. Invite more friends and enter the world of ultimate defense together. Download North Tower mod and proceed to build, combine and protect great towers right now!

Download North Tower MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High damage) for Android

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