Planet Smash MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.4.0

Updated 24/02/2024 (3 months ago)
NamePlanet Smash APK
PublisherHello Games Team
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Planet Smash MOD APK detail?
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold

Introduce MOD APK Planet Smash

Planet Smash is a casual game for people who have a penchant for destroying things, especially planets. Explore the mysterious planets by searching for spaceships and hitting the road. Any planet can explode under your hand. Earth is no exception when it comes to your prey. Possesses weapons with great attack power. No planet can withstand the powerful attacks coming from your spaceship. Earn huge rewards through these raids. Search for beautiful planets in outer space to explore.

Become an astronaut on the way to explore extraterrestrial planets. Then destroy them and collect the necessary energy and rewards. It sounds simple, but there are many challenges waiting for you ahead. Planets will be enhanced with layers of protection in the following levels. Players need to manage many of the systems that appear on the screen, including unlocking special skills. The stronger the protection of the planets, the greater the reward. The planets are also incredibly diverse and colorful. Earth, you all know already, there are planets with patches of purple, brown, blue, …

Planet Smash mod

Download Planet Smash mod – Destroy all planets present in the vast universe

In the center of the screen is the planet that you need to destroy. This planet radiates white light, surrounded by a border of the same color. The player taps the planet repeatedly to let the warship launch rockets and attack the planet. There are rockets coming from all over the world continuously, eating away at the planet. Each missile shot depends on the firepower that disappears a piece, like a mouse gnawing on a piece of cake. This requires patience on the part of the player. Especially when destroying ten normal planets will appear as a boss planet. Planets are stronger because they can attack the player’s spaceships and rockets.

Planet Smash mod apk

Firepower upgrade

At the bottom, there are four main skills placed in white squares. Inside is a black avatar representing that main skill. Includes Power, CD, Gravity and Accuracy supporting four different systems. The first is Power, as the name suggests, upgrading this skill makes your firepower stronger. CD reduces the cooldown of ship support skills. Gravity causes planets to be destroyed more quickly. And Accuracy changes the number of bullets that the player fires each time. Next to these squares, there is always a green arrow. Click on it and use the gold you earn to upgrade these skills.

Planet Smash apk

Support skills

Underneath the planets is a series of unlocked circles. This is the position of skills that support up to 12 skills. Free for players to use at will if they can unlock all of this skill. But to unlock them, players need to destroy the planet at a certain level. For example, launching a dense missile array. Get the help of a team of aliens with their spaceships. Or shoot a giant meteorite flying at rocket speed that destroys an area of the planet. Launch satellites flying around and shoot lightning bolts. All these skills help players destroy the planet faster.

Planet Smash apk free

Weapon system

The more diverse the weapons, the faster the attack on the planet. In addition to earning bonus gold coins after each successful game screen. Players can also get new weapon systems. From basic to advanced versions from appearance to skills. Basic guns, lasers, nuclear missiles, cosmic black holes, … Or a bunch of nuclear bullets combined into a horizontal line. Or they attack at the same time, making the player unable to react. But also pay attention to the protective layer of some planets at a higher level.

Planet Smash android

As mentioned above, the protective barrier of the planets is extremely sophisticated. Players need to destroy each layer of fences outside to be able to penetrate inside. For example, a layer of hexagonal ropes connected by space stones. Or a layer of small meteors flying around forming a protective circle. The sharp spikes lined up with each other block the path of your attack. The gameplay is simple but still brings a lot of interesting and attractive things to players. Download Planet Smash mod to explore beautiful outer space planets gradually destroyed by your spacecraft.

How to Download & Install Planet Smash MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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