College Life MOD APK 2.0.8 (Upgrade/Shop)

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NameCollege Life APK
MOD FeaturesUpgrade/Shop
SupportAndroid 4.1+
MOD Infomation
  • Instant build to get the kiss.
  • Buy some items that do not reduce the kiss.

I want to introduce you to a rather interesting game. It can be said that it is a Japanese version of The Sims. However, with many more unique and novel elements. That’s college life. Build city themes, upgrade neighborhoods and manage people’s lives. Modeled on a peaceful city. The gathering place of all the shops and windows. Along with many enthusiastic people, including beautiful girls will make you have the most fun moments.

With the whole lock open the girls’ target. Build a city based on the university. College Life gives you all the essentials to upgrade your city. Create relationships between girls. Students are former students of the school you attend. Together, they will all make their fantasy city more prosperous. Discover compelling stories. Show players around the world your super management ability.

College Life mod

Download mod College Life – Join the exciting college life

The story begins with the character itself. In too he spent his college years happily. Just at the beginning of the new year, something unexpected happened. The principal of your school is a person who doesn’t care much about work. Until he dared to kidnap the girls in the school. Blackmail destination and please his hospital adults. You’re in the selection to make up for the kernel of the leader of the effect. Make the school return to the glory of the old days. From there, you start task management.

Usually, when people listen to the plot, people will learn carefully. For that College Life is a dramatic action game. In essence, this game has Gameplay based on the built titles. You with a game is user manager, build the architecture for the city big learning of your own. The girl removed the fit with the people there. Create good feelings and do great busy work. At the same time, you have to check that resources are plentiful in case they are missing.

College Life mod apk

Debian girls in school

There are 12 different girls in the school that you can get to know. Each person has a unique personality and appearance. But the general point is as not in the same interesting. You talk to them, hang out and do some necessary work. After everything becomes easier, you can also get sensor images of girls. Along with more than 70 scenes with work that everyone knows is something. In addition, the system costumes also help change the appearance of the girls. They will look more radiant and beautiful in the clothes you choose. Please do not explore the maidens.

Hundreds of different missions

Every time you get to know people, you will unlock a new storyline in College Life. A total of 200 stories of different characters. You will understand the whole scene of the game. The reason why you have to manage this university city. Along with many other hidden corner stories. Left if you are not interested in small stories. Please enjoy the plot itself normally. Get acquainted with the personnel and administration for the city to develop more flourishing.

College Life mod apk free

Design for college students

Along with lots of graphic and design pages for schools. Choose from over 100 different, like earthen pot, roads, rows and windows with various designs. Decorate your college students to be as close to a city as possible, along with the learners or the people living here. Make the city more and more crowded and popular with many people.

Connecting all people to back

In addition to many biological functions. Manage school problems. You have well-plug in pairs, each pair together. If they have feelings for each other, you can totally get together. To see whether the two really love each other and for each other or not. What’s even better is that there are many interesting scenes, you can see the couples. Even though it’s privacy rights, they don’t care much about it.

College Life mod free

College Life may not be suitable for those who have not been really successful. If possible, experience us when you are alone with no one around. When everything is comfortable, focus on building the city, managing the students. Discover the lovely funny stories behind each character. The most important thing when getting to know people is being welcomed. Kindness and humor will also help you score very high in the eyes of beautiful girls. What are you waiting for without downloading College Life to join the wonderful world?

Download College Life MOD APK (Upgrade/Shop) for Android

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Ryu O
Ryu O
1 year ago
Rating :

New version is out,
Hoping for a quick update

As for the mod, it works perfectly
Thank you

Ryu O
Ryu O
1 year ago
Reply to  Ryu O

Fk, they updated again to 1.7.4 …
Antway, ty for the previous fast update, hopefully new one will be soon enough

Ty for ur hard work

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