Pixie the Pony MOD APK 1.54 ( Unlimited money)

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NamePixie the Pony APK
MOD Features Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Pixie the Pony is a game for players to try and raise a horse. Perhaps the petting game is not a new type at the moment. But raising horses and many other activities of the game create many new experiences for you. Horses are one of the dynamic animals, they always create a lot of interaction for the player. Get used to raising a horse and accompany it in fun adventures. Pixie the Pony allows players to relax in an explosive sequence of activities. Start with feeding your horse, gardening, and participating in minigames. Try raising an animal that is different from everyone else.

While others often look for animals like dogs and cats, you can choose a horse as the animal you will take care of. The difference between the horse’s food and lifestyle makes you more skilled at raising animals. Immediately adopt a cute pony and help it grow on your own. Care regime and decide how to live them. Like any other animal, you are accompanied as they grow. And those are the best moments for players. Many memories between you and your favourite horse will be recorded by this game with the achievement scoreboard.

Pixie the Pony mod apk

Download Pixie the Pony mod – Nurture your horse

Each player is free to create their own gameplay. No one has the same care, moreover, Pixie the Pony allows you to customize your own horse. Horse breeding is not difficult, you just need to feed them a full range of fruits and fruits that they love. One thing special is that the horse in this game loves butterflies. You can plant flowers if you want to attract butterflies to your garden. It will be fun and a bit more energetic when it comes to what horses love. There are also many other care activities that you have never been aware of. Unlike small animals, horses often bathe in lakes or rivers instead of bathrooms.

Take care of the horse to grow up

In order for a foal to grow, the player needs to invest a lot of food for it to have enough nutrients. Pixie the Pony gives you a garden to grow all the plants you want. Much of the food harvested from the garden will feed the horses. You can put it in the barn to store in case the horse doesn’t finish. Food is not spoiled, it is important that you have enough space. In addition, the garden also has the effect of satisfying the hobby of the horse such as attracting butterflies from beautiful flowers.

Pixie the Pony mod download

Customize everything

Players can customize barns, houses, trees, and horses as they want. Change the design of the barn and space instead of keeping the basic layout. Pixie the Pony has its own set of items to choose from. Of course, the player needs some money in order to buy it. Raising a horse in Pixie the Pony doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting. It is considered a pampered indoor pet. There is so many fun out there that excites you and your horse.


It is impossible not to mention the games featured in Pixie the Pony. Diamond Connect, Flying Pony, Pony Jumping and Pony Racing are games that help you collect bonuses and improve your horse’s movement skills. Take it over the obstacles, deep holes, and barriers along the way and get the rewards. The score will be saved and try to break your own records. Pixie the Pony lets you freely interact with horses the way you want.

Pixie the Pony mod

Highly dynamic activities were suitable for young players. Pixie the Pony belongs to the simple game genre but gives you many differences. Players can participate in game mode entertainment and nurture the horse from a young age. Download Pixie the Pony mod to take care of horses and join exciting games with your pet.

Download Pixie the Pony MOD APK ( Unlimited money) for Android

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