Merge Detective mystery story MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.38

Updated 05/11/2023 (1 month ago)
NameMerge Detective mystery story APK ООО Kompozit TM
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Merge Detective mystery story MOD APK Information

Use enough coins to increase instead of decrease.

Introduce MOD APK Merge Detective mystery story

Mysterious cases in the Merge Detective mystery story are difficult to solve. So need the help of detectives with extraordinary abilities from genius minds. Help find the significant clues based only on the minor details. Find out immediately how the case is created in different circumstances. Quickly catch the culprit neatly and fiercely while hiding. Please bring them to law and get rewarded for their hard work. This is a fantastic thing you can do yourself.

Merge Detective’s mystery story is designed as a joyful journey to open the world. With the detective element present, there are always things that make us think. This element is incorporated into the simple and quite comfortable merge game. Leads you gradually to the essential details being set. Dive deeper into the cases that detectives are trying to solve. Just the smallest detail can change the direction of your investigation. So don’t miss anything but try to find them as soon as possible.

Merge Detective mystery story mod

Download Merge Detective mystery story mod – Discover significant cases

A girl goes missing in a small town, and her family is so worried that detectives get involved. You will help this Detective find the mysterious clues lying around the city. Unravel the secrets that lie in every street and every house around you. Merge objects and find important clues. The objects are just ordinary things, but the person behind them may create them. It is essential to pay close attention to everything that can happen next. You will see situations unfold in a very twisted way. It was impossible to predict what was happening in a place that was not as ordinary as it appeared.

Interact with characters

Interaction with the characters is essential in figuring out how to solve the case. You can start an investigation of potential suspects. Then ask your fortifications to find information related to them. The actions that they do will be evidence for accusations at any time. Suspicion will lead you to the secrets behind the main intentions of those involved. This also requires a lot of time and effort. Working hard for the results will help you go further in your desired stages. The person with the slightest suspicion may be the natural person behind this troublesome case.

Merge Detective mystery story mod free

Solve problems

When the problems started to arise, it was also when the levels started to appear. Your main goal will be to put everything together to find the required item. But it’s not just about seeing it but also analyzing it from its origin and how previous owners used it. Its relevance to mysterious murders is also what you think about most. Later levels have greatly improved in their difficulty. Therefore, it creates a great challenge for players to solve puzzles and enter the story reasonably. Never generate a bit of boredom here.

Merge Detective mystery story mod apk

Your choice

A few situations will arise that will require you to make your choices wisely. These choices can lead to different changes in the course of the story. For example, you can choose to run away or face those who threaten you. Instead, follow up with witnesses or seek help from other sources. It all depends on you. Merge Detective mystery story mod has always been a mysterious place.

How to Download & Install Merge Detective mystery story MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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