GODDESS KISS: O.V.E MOD APK (Menu/High DMG/Defense) 1.13.11

Updated 17/04/2023 (1 year ago)
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MOD FeaturesMenu/High DMG/Defense
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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There are always gorgeous girls around us that we rarely notice. You can’t tell what they’re doing or thinking. It’s true, GODDESS KISS: O.V.E has such amazing girls. They also do hard work that few men dare to do. That is, hunting and slaying large beasts. You can’t imagine what they can do unless I’m with them every day to see those things happen.

Know that Anime fans love games on the subject. GODDESS KISS: O.V.E was launched to satisfy their expectations. Also, to popularize turn-based tactical gameplay to everyone. As a strategy, it definitely requires your smart mind. It is an important weapon to win any challenge. Quickly grasp the things around. Experience the modern futuristic 2D graphics of the universe. Let go of all the hassles in life to start an interesting journey.

GODDESS KISS O.V.E mod android

Download GODDESS KISS: O.V.E mod – Use sharp weapons to destroy monsters

Those beautiful girls are all great warriors. Your task is to lead them on the way to protect the earth. Recruit them to form a group that hunts monsters. With your clever arrangement, they will fight more effectively. Teamwork always brings great benefits to everyone. The monsters will also follow the formation, so you must be stronger than them. Start plowing to make your team more advanced. Overcome the most difficult levels to win. Bring back valuable rewards to strengthen the squad. Later on, your path will be more difficult.

Use the available combat skills of the warriors. Helping them defeat the monsters was quick. Take them to the void, wipe them out of the world. Skills that will deal great damage or heal the whole team. Each person has a certain role in the multiplayer squad. The reasonable arrangement according to your requirements.

GODDESS KISS O.V.E mod download

Character development

For warriors to be more steady on their way, we need to train. Every time they join the match, they can get a lot of experience. When you have enough experience, you will be promoted to a higher level. Strengthen the character’s strength and become stronger. Experiencing countless battles under your command, they will be excellent warriors. Equip them with the most powerful and effective weapons. Help unleash your full potential. Fight easier with those weird and obnoxious people. Create an academy with people with the most terrifying, noblest power.

GODDESS KISS O.V.E mod apk free

World Arena

Not only fighting monsters in the levels, but you can also participate in the arena. This is the place to test management skills and character strength. A lot of people play this game, and you have to confront them. Compare skills to see who has the highest peak ability. Win glorious victories against strong opponents. Stand strong against the fiercest attacks from the opponent’s side. Learn a lot from the overwhelming defeats and draw more experience for yourself. The fact that you are defeated is not because you do not have the qualities but because you are not strong enough. Try to upgrade and improve the squad in different directions to get more efficiency.


Building a home

After fighting a long tiring day, it’s time to reward yourself a little. It is the time to rest and relax in your own home. This place cannot be left in such a bad state. It must be reformed by your own hands to help it become more spacious. Let’s start by changing the furniture to different styles. Manually arrange the positions so that it is reasonable. Look in the style of an experienced design professional. Who knows, you might be a good person at this without even knowing it. Everyone wants to have a nice and beautiful house for themselves. Realize your dream of owning a house of your own, where only beautiful girls live.


Join the guild to get extra great benefits. Help the character develop more quickly and does not take much time. Battles between factions always bring great benefits. These benefits will be shared equally among team members. You don’t have to worry about being disadvantaged. Enter the training room and find out more special tactics. In GODDESS KISS: O.V.E mod, you always progress without limit. Let the girls become admirable legends.

How to Download & Install GODDESS KISS: O.V.E MOD APK (Menu/High DMG/Defense) for Android


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Ryu O
Ryu O
2 years ago

Awesome mod, tyvm ❤️

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