Pirate Raid MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money) 1.29.1

Updated 30/03/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NamePirate Raid APK
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Pirate Raid

Set sail and pilot your pirate warship to wreak havoc with the Pirate Raid. The era of pirates has officially begun. Everywhere in the sea are pirate ships with the most advanced equipment. You are also a commander participating in this battlefield. As the best pirate, show your ability to command and control your battleship. Destroy all enemies with large and powerful cannons. The battlefield will undoubtedly be very chaotic by the appearance of dozens of pirate ships. No one is on anyone’s side, so chaos is bound to happen.

Pirate Raid lets you freely control the pirate ship to go everywhere without limitations. Simple Joystick controls to move the ship on the sea. You mustn’t be alone on the high seas but many other pirate ships. There is no choice but to fight them and upgrade your pirate ship. Loot all assets on enemy ships to get richer and richer. This journey will be fun and stimulate your limitless exploration.

Pirate Raid mod

Download Pirate Raid mod – Master the most powerful and influential pirate ship

Your pirate ship will have its safe zone. When there is no enemy ship within the safe zone, the ship will not attack and vice versa. And if a ship is trying to approach you, they are trying to engage you. The size of the ship will depend on its level. The higher the level, the larger the ship will become and have more equipment. You will do this with gold coins – the central unit of the Pirate Raid. And to earn money is nothing but fighting and looting other pirate ships.

Level and weapon are the scales for comparing your strength with the opponent. If you see a boat larger and more armed than your own, flee immediately. Because their level is higher than yours and fighting, there is a high probability of losing. However, if you feel that your opponent’s boat is in trouble, take the opportunity. When it doesn’t have a lot of health, a pirate ship will show a damaged state. If the enemy knew about this, it would be awful. Quickly repair and upgrade your ship if you’ve just finished fighting.

Pirate Raid mod apk

Searching for treasures at sea

Since I’m a pirate, when I’m not fighting, I’ll go in search of treasure. Set sail to all seas in search of drifting treasure chests. They can be in two states of drifting or sinking. For treasures floating in the ocean, it is straightforward to collect. Control your ship close to the treasure to see what’s inside. Most of them contain gold coins and rare items. Treasures sunk under the seabed are a bit complicated. First, we need a map from the pirate market to search. After reaching the right location, drop anchor to search for treasures in the ocean. If you are lucky enough, the treasure you find will be precious.

Pirate Raid mod apk free

Visit the busy market

The pirate market is the trading place for all the pirates globally. This place is considered a pirate’s paradise. Everything you want to own is here. Of course, you must have a certain amount of money and rare items. In the harbor, there are many areas where rare items are exchanged for gold coins. It is also the most popular place to get rich. You find items in the treasure that will change into very attractive money. Treasures of adventures or pieces of sea monsters will be even more valuable. That is the reason that leads us to many experiences in search of treasure. Confront many of the terrifying sea and island monsters.

Pirate Raid mod free

Sea monsters everywhere

If being a pirate without adventures, nothing is interesting. Pirate Raid never misses an opportunity to help you find the excitement of adventure. There are lots of the same land spread out over all the world’s seas. It could be a large continent or an island. The climatic and topographical conditions are also entirely different. Frozen islands, barren deserts, skull islands… On those islands are well-hidden treasures. Protecting them are dangerous monsters that you can’t even imagine.

Pirate Raid free

Get ready to become a potential pirate and own a championship. Search for treasures in all the seas to raise the cable of battleships to become stronger. Experience the thrill and excitement of adventure on mysterious islands. Everything is waiting for you to discover at Pirate Raid mod. Do not let the series of fascinating content about the sea go to waste.

How to Download & Install Pirate Raid MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money) for Android


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