Indian Cooking Star MOD APK (Unlimited money) 6.4

Updated 23/05/2024 (7 days ago)
NameIndian Cooking Star APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4
Get it onGoogle Play
Indian Cooking Star MOD APK detail?

Unconditionally use diamonds to buy hearts and get more diamonds and gold coins

Note: After buying hearts, gold coins need to be used once to refresh their value.

Introduce MOD APK Indian Cooking Star

Chef is a profession that can bring you professionalism in Indian Cooking Star MOD APK (Unlimited money). All because of the flexibility in operating all the jobs. You do it with your passion for making a difference with everyone. An easy way to witness the evolution of the vast Indian cuisine. Please bring it to all other visitors with quality delicacies. The chef’s flair will always conquer everyone, even the meticulous. Never underestimate the greatness of the people who create the food.

The culinary topic was no longer a novelty when it was gradually popularized through the game platform. That’s precisely why people feel the food quality can go up and down. Bringing culinary style from India, Indian Cooking Star APK 6.4 is not inferior to competitors. It is a story that not everyone can experience. A big journey for a girl who is crazy about cooking. Willing to offer all its guests a high-quality meal. Comparable with cuisine from prominent restaurants in the world.

Indian Cooking Star mod

Download Indian Cooking Star APK mod – Cook and conquer everyone

As a resident of India, you want your country’s cuisine to be known more. So with a simple food truck, you travel all over the world. At each location, you stop to cook and sell to people around. We only need to touch the necessary items to serve the guests’ needs. Being right and fast at what they want is what gives you extra points. Your final score determines how excellent you are. From there, each game screen you overcome is full of effort. Agility and sharpness are two factors that you should pay attention to next.

Various cuisine

The richness in cuisine will bring you more surprises in this world. A variety of dishes appear through each chapter when you unlock it, from pure Indian food, Central Indian food, European food, or Asian food. They are very rich in both quantity as well as quality made. You will follow the preferences of the locals to cook those dishes. This way, customers will pay more attention to your store. We will sell a lot of different orders if we keep up the momentum. Grilled chicken, curry, roast beef, or hamburger will all be created by you.

Indian Cooking Star mod free

Unlock new restaurants

You will not stay forever in the cramped and lack of amenities like the original food truck. Completing a chapter will have enough income for you to build up a new restaurant. These branches will add up based on your conquering progress. Effectively manage these places so that people know more about the brand you create. But every time we take on a new business, new difficulties will come. It will confuse you and make it difficult to adapt to what you have been through. But this will be what makes you mature and stand firm. Conquer the world with the talent of a chef from the vast country of India.

Indian Cooking Star mod apk

Tool upgrade

To save cooking time, you need to upgrade your cooking tools. You can do it with spoons, pans, stoves, ovens, plates, and spoonssilverwareave. They have a total of three levels and enhance their luxury even higher. Refresh everything to improve the perfection of the dish as well as the speed of completion. Indian Cooking Star MOD APK has a lot of things that a chef should take advantage of.

How to Download & Install Indian Cooking Star MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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