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Updated on 10/12/2022 (2 months ago)
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Ensure absolute safety when learning and picking mushrooms with Picture Mushroom. Do you believe that an application is only dedicated to learning and recognizing mushroom species? That’s Picture Mushroom. There will be many people still looking for mushrooms that grow in the forest or anywhere to make food or something useful for themselves. You have to know it’s a harmless fungus because poisonous mushrooms will cause a lot of harm at different levels. Even fatal if consumed with toxic mushrooms. Vigilance is never superfluous.

You are also not a mushroom expert without training. So how can we tell them apart? That is using Picture Mushroom. This app contains complete information about nearly every fungus on earth. It can recognize fungi just by their shape. It’s also relatively simple because the mushroom species have a particular shape and can easily distinguish. But to differentiate whether they are edible or poisonous or not is another story. Then we need to have a basic knowledge of fungi. Picture Mushroom provides that knowledge for you.

Picture Mushroom mod

Download Picture Mushroom mod – Identify each species of mushroom in nature

Picture Mushroom contains a huge amount of information about mushroom species worldwide. Any mushroom species that scientists and organisms have discovered will be included in the Picture Mushroom immediately. So you can trust that Picture Mushroom’s up-to-date information is reliable. Its primary use is for the identification of species of fungi. To do this, you must make sure that the smartphone camera is still working correctly. When you go out and come across a specific mushroom, grab your smartphone and take a picture. Send the photo to Picture Mushroom for it to analyze and finally tell what kind of mushroom it is. That’s the usual way for you to use Picture Mushroom. Make sure it’s a safe mushroom before picking.

Picture Mushroom mod apk

Stay away from poisonous mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms are the most dangerous and worst when we accidentally pick them without knowing them. Their consequences, when absorbed, will depend on the extent. But the heaviest is always fatal to anyone who eats it. Being alert and aware of poisonous mushrooms is necessary and mandatory. If you take a picture and let Picture Mushroom know it’s a toxic mushroom. Please stay away immediately and do not come into contact with them. Several species of fungi can cause toxins when we contact them. That shows that the plant world is still full of dangers that you need to be wary of.

Picture Mushroom mod apk free

Mushroom related tips

The number of different species of fungi currently amounts to 14,000. That’s just the number that scientists have discovered and possibly more. Many of these mushrooms have a distinctive appearance. And, of course, many types also pose dangers. Some mushrooms have unique tricks for you to use for many purposes. They have been added to the information of that mushroom when you find it. That way, you’ll know if it’s harmless and what you can use it. Or how to make it not affect the surrounding environment.

Update collection process

If you are a mushroom collector, you will undoubtedly encounter many different types of mushrooms. To update the list of all the mushrooms you’ve found in Picture Mushroom. When you take a picture and identify a mushroom species, it will be added to your mushroom collection. This is not in vain but will help you a lot in the future. Maybe you’ll find the mushroom again later, but you won’t remember. Picture Mushroom will help you recall with a saved list. You will not make the same mistake twice and learn a lot for yourself when picking mushrooms.

Picture Mushroom mod free

Safe and fun mushroom picking with Picture Mushroom. Know how to identify and take advantage of safe and healthy mushrooms. Use Picture Mushroom mod to avoid poisonous mushrooms that can ruin your life.

Download Picture Mushroom MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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