Photo Vault MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) 1.6.2

Updated 26/07/2023 (9 months ago)
NamePhoto Vault APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Premium
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Photo Vault

Indeed everyone will have private photos and documents they don’t want anyone to see, so download the Photo Vault app to help users store and hide those things from the light—The eyes of others. No matter how careful you are, there will still be times when friends, relatives or colleagues want to borrow a user’s mobile device. More embarrassed. So at such times, Photo Vault will be a user’s saviour, keeping the user’s confidential documents in a safe place where no one can find or trespass without permission. Permission.

Instead of constantly living in fear and not daring to let anyone touch their mobile device like before, users can now confidently lend it to everyone because the things that users store in Photo Vault will become invisible, unable to appear anywhere else on the device. This application guarantees the privacy and safety of intimate images, videos and documents because no one else can access them except the user. Access the Photo Vault.

Photo Vault mod android

Download Photo Vault mod – Store essential documents in a place no one knows

Photo Vault is a handy tool for hiding files that users do not want to be exposed to the outside, from photos and videos to important documents. Once users have added them to this app, they are all stored securely and neatly organized in chronological upload order. Photo Vault owns a simple interface that anyone can use, it helps users find what they need in just one note, and users can name or divide files by list—folder to manage the files stored in the application more conveniently. Besides, do not forget to set complex passwords to contribute to the application’s security, dear users.

Photo Vault mod android free

Multi-layer security

To ensure the safety of users’ data, Photo Vault offers a seemingly unbreakable security system with many different layers of passwords. One Password is not enough to access the application, but many other passwords must be entered. Not only that, but users can also hide Photo Vault not to attract attention and avoid the curious habits of people around them. In addition, setting a complex and high-difficulty Password also contributes to the application’s security, so it is highly recommended that users set password types that are not related to themselves to prevent guessing situations. Password. So from now on, if you lend the device to friends, relatives or anyone, users will not have to worry about unfortunately revealing hidden secrets.

Photo Vault mod

Safe storage

Users can store all the essential things that cannot be revealed to anyone in Photo Vault, such as hot images, secret videos, and documents of projects I undertake. Once added to the Photo Vault, these things will disappear entirely from other places; no one can access them anymore. Giving users a private space, avoiding all eyes and ears around, a completely separate world belonging to the user alone. Even the most professional hackers cannot penetrate and destroy Photo Vault’s excellent security, so users can trust and entrust this application to keep all secrets—His secret. Now, the user’s device is like a solid fortress.

Photo Vault mod apk

Friendly interface

Photo Vault owns a minimalistic and highly user-friendly interface; just accessing the application, users will see all the categories they need appear fully on the main screen. User-added images, videos, and documents are also neatly arranged in order of date, and users will always find what they need exceptionally quickly. In addition, not only the storage function, but users can also use Photo Vault as a hidden camera and capture what they want; all captured images will be saved directly to the application, and a Password is required to view them. So users will not have to waste time taking photos with the device’s primary camera and then move the pictures they have just taken to Photo Vault.

Download Photo Vault to experience a private space where you can hide your photos, videos and documents.

How to Download & Install Photo Vault MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) for Android


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