Track it EVEN if it is off APK 23.1.8

Updated on 29/05/2023 (1 week ago)
NameTrack it EVEN if it is off APK
PublisherHammer Security - Phone Anti-Theft systems
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Most people are unprepared to deal with emergencies like dropping a personal device or being stolen. If that happens, the only result is to buy a new one, but it can’t be found again because of the user’s subjectivity. With the introduction of Track, EVEN if it is off, users will no longer have to worry about this problem; even when the device is out of their reach, users can still control it completely. from far away. Criminals are increasingly rampant; every day, there are countless thefts of electronic devices because these can be sold for very high prices. Please don’t wait until you lose it to regret it; get ready to protect your device today.

The economic damage is only a fraction when users’ devices are lost or stolen. The most critical and irretrievable thing is all the personal data stored inside the machine. Confidential documents, work contracts or graduation thesis will be left without reasonable safeguards. Securing a device that seemed like a highly complicated task has now become very easy with the help of Track It, EVEN if it is off. Let this app keep your important data safe.

Track it EVEN if it is off mod android free

Download Track it EVEN if it is off mod – Experience modern security system

Track it EVEN if it is off is a practical electronic device security application. This application can also assist users in finding lost phones and ensure that no one can open the user’s device without permission. If the criminal who steals the user’s device tries to find a way to unlock the device, he will undoubtedly get himself into trouble, at which point the emergency alert mode will be activated. Even trying to turn off the power or turn on aeroplane mode to prevent the user’s search is entirely impossible. In addition, Track it EVEN if it is off has many other unique features such as App Lock with Emergency Pin, Car Collision Detector, Intruder Detector, Low Battery SMS, and Page web remote control.

Track it EVEN if it is off mod android

Smart security app

Track it EVEN if it is off will help users detect emergencies and not need to take any action. The emergency system will be activated automatically when it detects danger, or a criminal with bad intentions with the phone will activate this function automatically while not knowing anything. When enabled, Track it, EVEN if it is off, will focus on sending alerts to the user’s family or close friends. Save important contacts on your device and leave the rest to this application. With Track it, EVEN if it is off, users’ devices will always be secure and don’t need to worry about being stolen or stolen by others.

Track it EVEN if it is off mod apk

Fake shutdown mode

Track it EVEN if it is off brings an exciting mode to help ensure absolute privacy for users, which is fake shutdown mode. With this mode, the user’s device will turn black and stop responding to input and button presses. It looks like it’s turned off from the outside but continues to work in the background. This feature will be handy if users need to prevent others from unauthorized use of their devices. It protects privacy and ensures no one can access the device without the user’s permission. When restoring the machine to its original state, enter the secret passcode. This is an effective way that Tracks it, EVEN if it is off, and can keep your device safe and private.

Track it EVEN if it is off mod

Remote control

If, unfortunately, your phone is stolen, don’t worry too much. Because Track it, EVEN if it is off, will provide a website that helps users easily control their devices remotely. Users can request to send location, image, video, audio, or trigger a series of unstoppable warning tones through this website. And at the same time, activate the screen lock mode so that the bad guys can’t access the private personal data inside the device. Thanks to this website, users always keep their devices safe wherever they are. The worry of information theft when losing the device will no longer be when there is the appearance of Track it, EVEN if it is off.

Track it EVEN if it is off mod apk free

Track it EVEN if it is off is a device tracker that helps quickly find lost or stolen devices. Download Track It, EVEN if it is off mod that provides a layer of protection for personal devices to no longer worry about unauthorized intrusion.

Download Track it EVEN if it is off APK for Android

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