Password Safe MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 7.2.4

Updated on 08/02/2023 (1 day ago)
NamePassword Safe APK
PublisherRobert Ehrhardt
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Forgetting passwords is always an absolute nightmare for users. Then why not put them all in Password Safe? One thing is for sure, and we will use many platforms and need many accounts to protect our information. Each of those accounts uses a different password to maximize security. But there will come a time when you forget what their password is. Maybe not all but just a few accounts. But that’s also very bad because we have much important information inside. Password Safe will be the most effective solution you can think of.

Password Safe is the place to help you store all the most critical information. However, only one password is required to access. You may be thinking, how can it be safe and secure enough? Don’t worry, Password Safe is so heavily protected that it’s almost impossible to access without the correct password. All information about the application and field will be clearly distinguished in this application. So we only need Password Safe to protect them. This will be easier to remember than many detailed accounts and passwords.

Password Safe mod

Download Password Safe mod – Protect much information at the same time

Password Safe is purely an offline application. Therefore, you cannot sync data with other cloud storage browsers. That is the difference and is an essential factor in creating safety. First, create entries related to a specific application or platform’s information, accounts, and passwords. All will be clearly distinguished in every field you want. Once they’ve been added to Password Safe, they’re all safe. Your job is to add a password for the Password Safe app itself. So as long as you remember the password of Password Safe, you will have the passwords of all the rest of the applications.

Password Safe mod apk

Distinguish each application

To keep accounts and passwords from getting mixed up, you should give them names. It’s straightforward. If you want to store a bank account, rename that folder to bank. The information that needs to be filled in will be the account, password, website, history, and password. As for the password, you can choose not to show it. That will ensure absolute safety, and no one can see. Later, when you want to recall which application’s account, go to Password Safe. Click on the required folder, and you will immediately know the password to enter.

Password Safe mod free

Generate complex passwords

This is essential because the more complex the password, the harder it is to be stolen or cracked. Password Safe has a password rating system to let you know if it is safe enough or not. Type in the password you want to use. The system will start evaluating based on the characters and rules of that password. The strength shown below indicates how secure the password is. If it’s too weak, you should change more characters or add to make them more complex. Capital letters and numbers and special characters will be the best options.

Password Safe mod apk free

Password usage statistics

Not only helps you protect and create secure passwords, but Password Safe also observes your password usage habits. It shows you whether to change your password regularly or not. Password Safe will count the number of times you use a password. When you enter a password in a specific application or platform, it will be estimated as one time. The more times, the more secure the password will be. So change them often to keep your information safe.

Password Safe free

Manage all the critical passwords in your smartphone with a single password. No need to remember all of them, just a single password. Password Safe mod gives you a safe space to protect all information on the internet.

Download Password Safe MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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