Overlays – Floating Launcher MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 8.1.1

Updated 26/11/2023 (2 days ago)
NameOverlays – Floating Launcher APK
PublisherLior Iluz
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Overlays – Floating Launcher

Overlays – Floating Launcher is an application for you to use many functions. On the phone, the screen can use multiple applications at the same time when you want to be used with many different apps at the same time. Without using multiple devices. Overlays – Floating Launcher will be the application that meets you that. Use with the features that the application offers. At a time, connect and use a wide range of tools. The phone will be like a computer. Works with different windows. For the user to use in the most convenient way. A variety of categories will be used through Overlays – Floating Launcher. Access with the fastest and most efficient operations.

If you are looking for a support application. It can be used on one device and on the same phone. You will still use the same features as usual. Works on many different models. That’s why every user can choose to use it. Guaranteed to provide users with all the unique functions. There are so many new experiences. No more using an app, but much more. Overlays – Floating Launcher will bring many tools. So that users can comfortably use it for their own purposes, on the phone, the screen can run multiple applications simultaneously. It’s a great thing, isn’t it? Overlays – Floating Launcher is a vehicle that brings many benefits exclusively to users.

Overlays Floating Launcher mod

Download Overlays – Floating Launcher mod – Use multiple apps on one device at the same time

When you want to watch a movie and surf the internet at the same time, this will work if you have two machines. However, you want to use it on the same device. Thus, it will bring you much convenience in use. As well as being able to operate easily. Overlays – Floating Launcher will give you that. Completely for performance at the same device and quick control. That’s why Overlays – Floating Launcher has been used by many users. With extremely simple steps to use. You can use it anytime, anywhere. Diverse, unique features that Overlays – Floating Launcher brings. No need to exit the current application in use. You can still use it with other applications in the most effective way.

Overlays Floating Launcher mod free

Display on screen

The application will let you use the display on the screen. All icons will be provided in full. So you can press options with the icons you want. The overlays that Overlays – Floating Launcher brings. It will launch right on the screen and work strong. What you need will be on the device screen. Users will control themselves with the toolbars and into the applications they want. Each application will have a separate icon for you to distinguish. Use according to individual requirements with the most suitable use design. Overlays – Floating Launcher brings users to be fast with a good launcher.

Overlays Floating Launcher mod apk

Customize toolbars

When you use it, you will be able to customize it the way you want. The size or color, and position of the application. It’s all up to you to adjust in many ways. Overlays – Floating Launcher has provided a wide range of different tools. From there, you will easily adjust and make the screen stand out. A phone will also add more attraction. When on the screen is arranged scientifically. There are enough individual applications and meet all user requirements. The ways you can adjust it are pretty simple. Doesn’t make it difficult for you to use. Make your phone appear from there with all its own modes.

Overlays Floating Launcher mod android

Launch with multi-language

During use, you can choose the appropriate language. To be able to understand and use the functions at Overlays – Floating Launcher. Usually, English will be the dedicated language. The application also translates into a number of other languages ​​such as Russian, French… Depending on your understanding, it will translate into that language. And certainly, the application will also help you to be used with a variety of other languages. Satisfy all users with the best quality. A useful application for launching with multiple applications. You will no longer have to invest in multiple devices. Right on the same phone, you can use multiple application windows.

Overlays – Floating Launcher for users across multiple apps. Diverse features with many support tools. Download Overlays – Floating Launcher mod to use on the same device with different applications.

How to Download & Install Overlays – Floating Launcher MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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