One Hundred Thousand Goblins MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) 1.1.5

Updated 30/08/2023 (8 months ago)
NameOne Hundred Thousand Goblins APK
PublisherMoYe Hong Kong Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, Defense multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK One Hundred Thousand Goblins

One Hundred Thousand Goblins MOD APK is a series of quests leading players to heroic stories. Those experiences will make players feel like they live in a tense wartime period. The beautiful scenery and the spirits will be beautiful. Create a squad from your deck and go into real wars. All the characters in the game have very unique fighting skills. Some are good for offense, some for defense, and many other styles. Having all the skills you need to create an unbeatable team, your task is to find the cards.

The game is a tactical card game where you must use your mind to arrange a squad and fight the enemy. But the uniqugame’s unique feature is that elements such as music, dialogue, and beautiful scenery will make you feel like you are experiencing a role-playing game. The 3D stereoscopic effect will make you feel incredibly smooth and attractive when manipulating the characters. Not only are the scenes monotonous, moving back and forth, but all the characters in the game are presented in three-dimensional form and breathe up and down, doing all you want, as vividly as possible. It’s natural and makes the whole game come to life.

One Hundred Thousand Goblins mod free min

Download One Hundred Thousand Goblins MOD APK – Earthquake battles to save the three worlds

The Three Realms is an extraordinarily sacred and noble place for Buddhists. According to devout believers, it seems to be the cycle of life and death, But in the game, this place has been invaded and harassed by infidels. They come to disrupt the activities of passing souls and cause the cycle to malfunction. The heroes are forced to stand up to save the Three Realms from the harassment of these guys. But they seem to have trouble doing that and don’t know how to coordinate well with each other. Therefore, they need your help to chase away the monsters that invade here, and you need to try.

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Immerse yourself in the fighting atmosphere

You don’t simply summon characters via cards and go to battle; enjoy the atmosphere around you. The majestic natural beauty and mythical creatures will make you feel extremely excited. Not only that, even during the battle, the dialogues and sounds will give you the mental strength to make you more confident when going into battle. Explore the surrounding terrain while defeating an enemy, keep moving to new locations, and constantly improve your champion control. Face the most dangerous bosses and make them defeated under absolute power.

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Card characters

All famous heroes are described in detail through each card. There is also some interesting information about them, but everything is still directed to the champion’s unique abilities and combat stats. There will be powerful champions when new at low levels, while the champions you initially get acquainted with are not so prominent in strength. All have basic attacks and special techniques; in combat, the attacks will act as a sustained amount of damage over time to wear down the opponent’s resistance. Special skills are the highlight to explode damage or support other teammates and must be used at the right time.

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Open gift chests

You will have to fight countless enemies; when you win, you will receive money and sometimes mysterious chests. There are always hidden secrets, and the surprise will make you never bored when opening the chest. In addition to fighting, you can get chests when doing quests and completing events. The items in it will, in some way, help you increase the overall strength of the squad. If not the resources, they are also precious materials to level up the generals.

One Hundred Thousand Goblins mod apk free min

Increase stars for characters

The generals will be rated by stars, which is the standard to show the strength of that champion. A champion’s maximum number of stars is 5, and the minimum is 1, but these numbers will not be fixed. You can completely change by fighting and getting the appropriate resources to increase the hero’s star. The higher the star, the more robust and diverse the champion’s skills. Let’s fight to protect the Three Realms and reclaim peace for the believers at One Hundred Thousand Goblins MOD APK.

How to Download & Install One Hundred Thousand Goblins MOD APK (Menu/Damage, Defense multiplier) for Android


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