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Updated 23/03/2022 (2 years ago)
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Introduce Oil Well Drilling MOD APK

The strong economic development of countries around the world lies in the amount of oil that that country can exploit. The abundance of mines brought in surprisingly high production and exchange value. When the oil industry was born, it occupied a large position in the most expensive industries. So today, I want to introduce you to a game about oil exploration. So you can understand how difficult and troublesome this job is. If you are ready, please join me in Oil Well Drilling.

This game is not essentially an oil exploration simulation game. But the process of the player’s work in the game will be much more interesting. From drilling land, finding ranks, collecting oil to the necessary upgrades when you have a lot of money. These upgrades are mainly on construction vehicles for faster and larger volumes of oil extraction. The work sounds seemingly quite complicated, but when in the game they will be integrated simply and easiest to understand for you. Tap Tap Fish, Crazy Night also brings you many great ambitions and idle game mode.

Oil Well Drilling mod

Download Oil Well Drilling mod – Oil exploitation at will

The beginning will be the small trucks with a medium drilling system. The player will use it to dig deep into the ground. You can only drill once a day with a certain amount of fuel. When the ingredients are running out, you will stop at a point underground. Through what you’ve drilled into the ground. They will be converted to money and reviewed for your first day of work. If you meet the necessary needs, you will be rewarded. Money goes to upgrade the essentials for each of your drilling times.

The special feature of Oil Well Drilling is that in addition to oil, the things you encounter during drilling can also be converted into money. Or block it so you won’t be able to drill any deeper. Those are huge rocky outcrops that appear unexpectedly that you cannot predict. It’s all due to your luck. Expansion of mining scale after making a lot of money. In order to get more oil.

Oil Well Drilling mod apk

Necessary construction equipment upgrade

Once a certain amount of oil has been extracted in an area, of course, it will be exhausted and gone after a while. However with the money earned before. You are free to upgrade the systems that help you to produce oil faster. As an upgrade for higher capacity drill. Upgrade the ventilation fan to keep the heat steady for the drill. Finally, to upgrade the size of the fuel tank to increase the drilling time for the machine to be longer. These parts play a very important role in how much or little oil is extracted.

Oil Well Drilling mod apk free

Unexpected treasure extraction

As I mentioned earlier, oil is not the only source of profits underground. When you drill down deeper, you can exploit some more rare objects. Or even a mysterious treasure. The chance to meet them is quite unfortunate. So there are times when you can never expect to find precious items. Sometimes something is more valuable than the oil you’re looking for. But beware of the rocky outcrops that may appear on your dig. They are very hard and will damage your drill bit, ruining the extraction process. You also have to upgrade the drill bit from scratch, so be very careful.

Oil Well Drilling free

Expand construction scale

Nothing is eternal, and neither is oil. Exploited forever in one place, they will end up one day. So you can expand the different mining areas. In order to earn an oil field with more reserves than the previous one. If you have the required amount, unlock a new area. They contain more treasures and special items than your old oil field. Get ready to mine oil at any time, and when finished one place moves to another place to continue looking. With an unlimited number of oil fields in the game. You might even be able to never exploit them all.

Oil Well Drilling mod free

In reality, this oil exploitation is not easy. And the easy extraction of oil like that would never happen. Not to mention the accidents at work of the oil miner. Since then, Oil Well Drilling is released for enjoyment. Let them understand that this work is not a simple thing to do. Along with preliminary knowledge of oil exploitation for those who are interested in learning. If you are such a person, immediately download the Oil Well Drilling mod to participate in oil exploitation with everyone.

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