NotifyBuddy MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 1.932

Updated 14/07/2021 (2 years ago)
NameNotifyBuddy APK
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce NotifyBuddy MOD APK

NotifyBuddy is the app that sends notifications about 6T Oneplus devices. It is installed, however, and can be used on a phone. Bring many new features for users. A phone is an indomitable object. Always be with people and work with different purposes. Help you to solve many different jobs. And also entertained with other games or programs. And when you use it, there will be notifications sent back. From the apps, you’re interested in or notifications from the games themselves. Will send and show up on your phone screen. NotifyBuddy will make the phone become a led light. The place where all notifications appear for you to follow.

There are many private phone brands. With the current development, many optimal models have been born. Outstanding quality and meets all user needs. However, you want to have your own phone with a black-led. NotifyBuddy will bring you the tools, as well as the phone, will become the notification led. All information will be displayed completely and clearly. NotifyBuddy for users to be used with smartphones. You will receive messages with a scientific display. Each function will be delivered by NotifyBuddy. For users to be used with a full set of private features.

NotifyBuddy mod

Download NotifyBuddy mod – Display notifications through led lights

With the way of displaying the above messages via led lights. Makes it easier for you to observe as well. Already used on mobile devices. For users to use the most comprehensive. NotifyBuddy has been interested in many users. The phone possesses a multitude of outstanding features. Responsive and complete with each function. Make it possible for users to do it for different purposes. NotifyBuddy will make your phone more convenient than ever. when all notifications will be displayed in the clearest way. Completely simple with steps to do on your phone. Swift Installer and CandyCons Unwrapped are also functional vehicles for mobile devices.

NotifyBuddy mod free

Show notifications

Right on the device screen. Users also do not need to perform any operations that are too difficult. When there is an announcement, the screen will immediately light up. Messages or calls to and from any other application. All will be provided by NotifyBuddy. Simultaneously with the appearance of LEDs will give you the best experience. The technologies and functions included are modern. Users will be used with special features. Contribute to more convenient access. There is no need to resort to difficult installation steps or too many steps. Everything has been brought to the best solutions by NotifyBuddy.

NotifyBuddy mod apk

Customizable on the interface

All the displayed colors or the shape of the LEDs. They can all customize themselves the way you want. In the settings section, there are all the sections for you to adjust. Icons as well as a way to recognize notifications. All suggestions will be displayed in the most complete way. With a simple interface as well as having enough content. NotifyBuddy is sure to make you satisfied with all the services it offers. All-access rights as well as activities. They are strictly controlled by NotifyBuddy. NotifyBuddy always provides enough support tools. Having right on the interface for users to easily choose and use in their own needs.

NotifyBuddy mod android

Does not consume space

Continuously displaying notifications will keep the screen on. In this mode, the battery consumption will be affected. But with NotifyBuddy, it’s the exact opposite. The application does not consume a lot of battery on the device. Save space for the machine and use the gas release. Activities will always be guaranteed at full efficiency. No effect on energy consumption on the machine. Meet all of the requirements. Well done with the functionality of the application. One of the applications that helps make notifications visible about the device quickly. Creates a look on the device the way you want it. Especially with battery power saving mode for the phone. This is also a great advantage that NotifyBuddy has.

NotifyBuddy settings app that displays notifications. Bring many outstanding functions to the user. All information will be fully delivered by NotifyBuddy. Download NotifyBuddy mod now notified via led lights with many convenient features.

How to Download & Install NotifyBuddy MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at
2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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