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Updated 04/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NameSwift Installer APK
PublisherNishith Khanna
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Swift Installer

You want your device to show up in new colors. You got bored looking at that device. But you still don’t know how to change it. So choose Swift Installer – an application for changing colors on the interface. Make your device appear with a fresh look. Swift Installer synthesizes features for users to use. The application will give the user transformed to the interface. Change it as you like, show your own style. Give you the freedom to transform for the most dazzling device. Get more views from viewers.

It’s not too difficult to change a new look. With technology evolving, you have many options. Swift Installer is one such function. You will be completely satisfied when using. Swift Installer always provides outstanding tools and features. Responding to the needs of users. A device with an eye-catching, attractive interface. The application gives you the option to change as you like. Constantly updated with new functions brought to the user. Swift Installer is a great choice for you. Use new icons or toolbars. Let the device appear with a whole new look.

Swift Installer mod

Download Swift Installer mod – Change the interface

A new interface will also be more impressive. Swift Installer synthesizes many novel themes. same colors for you to choose from. Each device is different you will also use a separate color. Customizing your device shows up in your own way. Make a difference, express its own beauty. The app has also been known and used by many people. Changes to the parts you want, in combination with colors. Make the device stand out like never before. With Swift Installer, transform your device from a completely different perspective.

Swift Installer mod free


The variety of themes will give you a lot to choose from. Swift Installer offers a wide variety of themes. Consists of many colors with beautiful motifs and different designs. It is available for you to customize and customize on the device. Application for you to customize as you like. You can also mix colors together, to get a really strange color. Bring a new shirt to the look itself. With Swift Installer, you no longer worry about this issue. Swift Installer is always available in colors and themes just for you. Create a unique beauty for the device to be perfect.

Swift Installer mod apk


The application is indispensable without supporting tools. Swift Installer includes a full set of toolbars for you to use. Use with simple operations, not fussy. Use to select colors, change dimensions. The tools each carry a distinct function. When you use the combination, it will achieve high results. Bringing new styles, attractive looks. Editing tools and help you to adjust colors. A series of toolbars are waiting for you to explore. Instead, you get a device with bright colors. Start to create for yourself a completely new interface.

Swift Installer mod android

Use icons

Add icons that Swift Installer has, to make the interface more beautiful. Includes a lot of icons. Depending on the theme you will use with that icon. Use and discover lots of new icons. And then the same colors blended into the same symbols. Make your device more interesting. Regularly updated with the latest icon packs. For you to use and will have your own icons. In addition, you can also change the wallpapers. Can use the background image that v provides. Or maybe you will use a background image from the library that you have saved to your device. Choose the best pictures to change for the wallpaper. Make your device stand out and eye-catching.

Swift Installer application includes themes and colors. For your use and preferences for your device. Variable with colors and many themes. Create a new look and colors you love. Provides tools for you to use to customize that device. Download the Swift Installer mod that transforms the interface of your device.

How to Download & Install Swift Installer APK for Android


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