Notification light for Samsung MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 3.85

Updated on 16/06/2022 (2 years ago)
NameNotification light for Samsung APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Have you ever missed out on your phone notifications? Surely you have also encountered before, right? The ringing of the phone sometimes does not catch your attention. Then don’t worry too much. Notification light for Samsung offers your own solution. There are LEDs that appear when there are notifications sent. I will not let you miss any information at all. Offers features that the user can use. Catch all the notifications already on the phone. Works on most mobile devices. Notification Light will be a feature-rich application. Do not let the user have to worry about that problem anymore.

There are now a number of other applications with similar functionality. Makes users see the news quickly on the phone. In addition to the sound as before. Then now is the effect of the black LEDs sent to the device. There are many types of led lights with different brightness. For you to install and use. Notification Light is the app that will not let you down. It is also easy for users to use. Through easy to remember and does not make you difficult at all. Support for you as well as many other users to catch up with all the information quickly. In order for any notice, you will be able to grasp the bowl as soon as possible.

Notification Light mod

Download Notification light for Samsung mod – Notification on the phone via led lights

As someone who is always up-to-date, the Notification Light is required. Want to watch good sports news on many other applications as well. Then the application will bring more benefits for users. Notification Light will let you see all the news you need. Features provided by Notification Light. Both take on their own assignments. For users to be used for purposes you want. Just install Notification Light on your device. All content will be received and sent back by Notification Light. The led lights will turn on as soon as there are notifications.

Notification Light mod free

No notification sound required

You must be familiar with the sounds of phone notifications. This is also one of the common ways ever. With incoming calls or messages. The bells are also the signal for the user to know. However, you won’t always notice them. Notification Light will be the application that has the measures to overcome. There is no need for an alarm anymore, but instead will be LEDs. You will still get the news you want. Like all news at a rapid rate. Skip the steps to set the sound. Use the Notification Light right away so you know what the application will bring.

Notification Light mod apk

Maximum battery power saving

When the notification is sent to the phone continuously, it will keep the phone on. Doing so also makes the phone drain the battery more or less. But for Notification Light is completely different. The app will not make the device consume too much battery power. With views to save the most battery life possible. Notification Light has always done well with this feature. You will be satisfied after using the services here. If in some applications the phone battery drains quickly. Notification Light minimizes this problem. Instead, there are features to do the most battery saver. Notwithstanding news about the phone with much more performance. Nor does it consume much of the battery you use.

Notification Light mod android

Notification preview

The user can also preview the announcements. See if there is any important information. The indicator light will appear every time there is news about your device. In addition, you can also keep the phone screen on. So right when there’s no need to unlock it. You will also still see all the different information. This is also one of the functions that bring convenience to users. In this mode, the user is also customized. Watch in the modes you want. Making changes by making adjustments on the easy toolbars.

Notification Light app sends notifications via led lights. Synthesize all individual functions. Each user will get a notification even when there is no sound. Download Notification light for Samsung mod used to receive the fastest notification.

Download Notification light for Samsung MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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