Merge Plants: Aliens Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.1.7

Updated 05/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameMerge Plants: Aliens Defense APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Plants: Aliens Defense

Surely anyone of us has ever heard and known the famous game Plants vs Zombies. A famous game that is well received by a large number of players. An unequal battle between a tree on the side and a dead tree on the other. But did you feel this game was too popular and no longer attractive? So try Merge Plants: Aliens Defense right away. Join the battle between ferocious plants and hordes of ferocious aliens. Sim Farm, Knight War: Idle Defense also has gentle gameplay, but not boring.

Set in our beautiful world, we live in peace. Suddenly one day out of nowhere a bunch of mysterious aliens appeared. They come from the vast universe and land with the intention of annexing our planet. Now, against them, only plants can be used to destroy them. By crossing these plants with animals and helping them possess special abilities. Powerful plants and plants with special abilities will join the fight with aliens. Only you can lead them to win this war. Prepare your phone and join the Merge Plants: Aliens Defense to join the battle.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense mod android

Download Merge Plants: Aliens Defense mod – Fight with the aliens

Coming to Merge Plants: Aliens Defense you will own a number of trees. Your mission is to plant these plants in the most reasonable way for them to defend. Protect the human stronghold from the invasion of the aliens. These plants can fire off a series of bullets to help destroy enemies. The controls are very simple and anyone can do it, even for beginners. You will just need to drag and drop the plants from the list next to the battle box of your choice. The trees will fight on their own and you just need to collect the money dropped when destroying them. This money can be used to buy more plants on the list and add to your battle line.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense mod

Thousands of unique plants

Merge Plants: Aliens Defense possesses a variety of plants. You can own new trees by passing levels and receiving rewards. Or you can buy them in the store with the money you earn. You need to arrange your plant formation so that it makes sense. Because each tree has its own beauty and strengths. When combined into a complete lineup, they will support each other and become very powerful. Along with that, upgrade them to become stronger by merging two plants of the same level and species. The upgraded tree will be much stronger than the previous one. It can destroy enemies faster with powerful shots.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense apk

Merge for defense

To prepare for the attack of the fearsome and evil aliens you need to be prepared. Let’s quickly fuse plants with animals together to create powerful warriors. Can defend your stronghold against powerful enemy attacks. When fused with animals, plants create new shapes that look very nice. Not only its fighting power is also very high. Please unleash combine what you love to create your own warrior. Use them to stop the brutal alien hordes of large-scale attacks. They can be very crowded and aggressive, but we are also very strong.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense free

Protect the beautiful planet

Our beautiful planet is in danger and in danger of being completely annihilated. You need to prepare a very clever and thorough plan to defeat them. Use a really powerful army with your smart combination. Each plant will aid in a situation and be helpful. Building a smart team is the key to defeating them. All wins and losses will be decided by you thanks to your own thinking and strategy. Requires a player with the ability to improvise and command intelligence. Bring you glorious victories over your enemies. Destroy all those who want to take over this planet.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense mod apk

When fighting in Merge Plants: Aliens Defense you can take advantage of the support. These supports can increase the attack power of plants. Allows you to quickly destroy oncoming enemies and gain an advantage. Use it wisely as it has a per-game limit and convert defeat to victory. You can move your trees to attack the aliens strategically, take advantage of this mobility. You can also use diamonds to open treasure chests to receive more characters. Download Merge Plants: Aliens Defense mod to own yourself a lot of powerful trees. Use them to destroy hordes of invading aliens.

How to Download & Install Merge Plants: Aliens Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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