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MOD FeaturesHigh money/Score
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK is a game with a combination of funny images and extremely hilarious gameplay. You must have known the game Human Fall Flat on pc, the impression of how the character moves. However, you want those experiences on mobile, which is a suitable game. After choosing the character you like, you are placed on a fierce but funny battlefield. Your mission is still straightforward, become the last survivor, that’s all. But the humor here is how the character moves and performs combat operations. The character’s shape is amusing, like a lump of flour, with hands and feet.

An action game but brings laughter and entertainment instead of drama and tension. The game has images, scenes, and movements that are also funny to the point of being non-physical. How the character you control, hold, carry, and throw your opponent off the field makes you unable to stop laughing. The game also has simple gameplay, only moving buttons, holding opponents, and getting up switches. In each battle, the player also comes to different maps, chess map, snow map, study table, and rooftop. Many different costumes are also waiting for players to own. There are nurse costumes, robot costumes, or more creative such as diver costumes, magicians, and astronauts. Play to control funny characters, and try to survive to the end. mod 1

Download mod – Survival but fun

Your day is not happy; you have just finished a mountain of work and need a laugh. Then download and play now. The game has over ten million downloads, and this is by no means a meaningless number. The humor and laughter this game brings are why people are curious and want to try it out. The game has an effortless way to play, just control the character, grasp and throw the enemy out of the arena. The clown in action and manipulating the character will help prolong the laughter. The number of maps to play is highly diverse, and you may have to survive on a chess board. It could also be on a snow-white mountain or on the rooftop of a skyscraper. mod apk 1

Simple and fun gameplay

A survival game, but you can win with just three buttons. Move the control button, and indeed players are no stranger to the round button, four arrows on the left side of the screen. The second button, which has an essential function, holds and carries the opponent. You will need to approach the opponent, press or hold this button to control it, and throw it out of the field. If you are restrained, this button will function to help you get out of dangerous arms. The last button, above the enemy hold button, will help you get up if knocked over. The game’s beauty is how the character walks and performs actions. Perhaps the game maker took flour as a model, created the head, arms, and legs, and walked like a skunk. A colorful mass of flour, squishy like marshmallows, funny. apk 1

Lots of costumes

The game creates 44 new costumes, eye-catching colors, ready to serve players. Gamers can choose for themselves a specialized suit for divers or astronauts. Gamers can also choose to wear a robot or nurse costume. The game even features a magician’s costume with a hat that has become an iconic accessory. In addition, there is also a black cat outfit, which stands out from the rest. Don’t worry about it being hard for you to get those quality skins. All are purchasable with the gold you get after each win. The skins are all priced at 1000 gold, easy to choose. android

Diverse game maps

Players will hardly feel bored when each battle is on a separate battlefield. Each playing map has scenes; the blocks are described in detail and have their characteristics. The epic battle between you and your opponents can occur on a chess board. The place is created according to the actual shape; kings and queens also block the player’s way. You can also fight on the rooftop of a tall building. And if you get thrown from there, you will receive a ticket to log out of the level immediately. The game also has other equally impressive maps, such as the snow mountain map and the desk map. Enough to make every battle unforgettable. android 2

In addition, the game’s music is also hilarious, playful, and suitable for the clown that the game brings. A highly entertaining nature is obtained by creating characters; the images are also adorable and gentle. Those strange properties and characteristics help players when experiencing to have a crispy laugh. In addition, the player’s opponents will be real people, not computer-operated. Download mod to throw your opponents out of the arena and laugh a lot!

How to Download & Install MOD APK (High money/Score) for Android


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