Hero Sword MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Free upgrade) 1.29

Updated on 26/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameHero Sword APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Free upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Take the power of heroic swords and fight against enemies in the Hero Sword game. The Demon King has infiltrated the human world and personally led the monsters to battle. The attack power of the enemies was just so increased and surpassed the threshold of human endurance. So the heroes failed to stop the demon king from destroying the world. However, they still carried their fighting power and were ready to be reborn again. And now they appeared in the human world under the guise of powerful swords. Together with the brave humans wield the heroic sword to destroy the demon king who invaded the earth.

The heroes who lost their selves lost their battle against the demon lord. They were hit by a monster in another dimension and never returned. And the disappearance of heroes makes humanity weaker against monsters. However, sharp swords appeared one after another and fought to repel the advancing demon king. All know that the heroes have returned but are no longer in the same body. They have transformed into heroic swords and will join humanity to defeat monsters. Take hold of the valiant swords and fight to destroy the enemies of the earth and heroes.

Hero Sword apk

Download Hero Sword mod – Conquer power swords

You will be transformed into brave people using unique swords to fight. The war you participate in is caused by the demon king leading an army of monsters to the earth to destroy everything. And the sword you hold in your hand is turned into by the heroes who failed before the demon king. They fought to their death for the peace of all humanity and were unfortunately destroyed by the demon king. Their bodies fall into a particular dimension but still have an indomitable will to protect. So they decided to turn into powerful swords and return to the human world. Heroic swords will be the perfect weapon for you to save humanity successfully.

Hero Sword mod apk

Hero sword

Swords suddenly appeared on earth and saved the suffering of humanity. Their enemy was the demon king, who led waves of monsters to attack and destroy humans. But even if they fail, the heroes still maintain their arrogant will within their bodies. So they are ready to return to the human world and fight with the brave humans. They are now heroic swords with an indomitable will to destroy the demon king. But he defeated the heroes of the past, and you have to fight carefully. Summon the brave people of the world to advance with the heroic sword and fight.

Hero Sword free

Team of heroes

The world’s defenders under your command are only heroes of the next generation. They were the ones who continued the will against the demon lord from those who had fallen in battle. The first generation of heroes stepped out to prevent the demon king from entering the world. But even so, they still failed before the brutality of the monsters besides the dungeon boss. And the monsters have officially destroyed the world, and you have to fight the team of heroes. They will receive the will to protect themselves inside the hero’s sword and fight against the monster demon lord. Set up a few heroes with demonic swords to fight the waves of evil.

Hero Sword android

Conquer the enemy

The Demon King would be terrified to see the power of the human race when he obtained the heroic sword. But they will quickly realize this is the world’s last hope in battle. So the demon king will fiercely lead a lot of monsters to overflow and attack the heroes. After all, this is just the new generation of the world’s guardians and does not hold power yet. However, the heroic sword in hand will transmit the will to overcome the enemy for you to fight. While wielding the brave sword, your goal is to conquer monsters led by the demon king. Inherit the heroic power inside the swords of rebirth and begin the battle journey.

Hero Sword mod

You must organize a new team of heroes to defend against the evil demon kings. They entered the world after destroying the heroic defences ahead of humanity. The heroes’ fighting power is fragile and can be quickly extinguished by the demon king. However, they received swords transformed by heroes destroyed by the demon king. The journey to conquer the enemy begins when you get the heroic swords. And with willpower in the sword, your heroes will defeat the demon king. Download Hero Sword mod to control the power of the hero sword to destroy the wave of demons.

Download Hero Sword MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Free upgrade) for Android

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