The Healing – Horror Story MOD APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited money/Hearts/Premium pack)

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NameThe Healing – Horror Story APK
PublisherSponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Hearts/Premium pack
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Premium Pack
-> All Galleries Unlocked
-> All Media Unlocked
-> Links Unlocked
-> Notes Unlocked
-> Premium Choices Unlocked
-> Additional Content

2. Unlimited Hearts (Flat Rate)
3. Unlimited Coins (Flat Rate)
4. No Ads

The Healing – Horror Story is a puzzle game with a bit of adventure spice in it. Just rely on the horror story development videos that you will find and find out. The sudden and shocking symbols appear as hints and clues that lead the player. At the beginning, you are taken to a group meeting room with seven other mysterious players you do not know. While everyone is still spying on each other. Suddenly a strange person appeared on the screen of the chat. He wore a white epidemic doctor mask. Appear in the middle of a noisy space with green numbers running continuously on the screen.

Next to the story, the stranger introduces himself as Dr. Crow. He proudly gave himself that name. The story progression from the beginning looks pretty random, but more and more strange symbols appear. All elements are completely staged by real people. Participating in The Healing – Horror Story immerses you as if you were the character in that story. You will also receive creepy video calls with intermittent clues. Have you ever watched detective movies? The mastermind is always standing behind watching everything. Waiting for the player to play like a fish that has no way to escape.

The Healing Horror Story android

Download The Healing – Horror Story mod – the mysterious story behind the mask of a plague doctor of Dr. Crow

Your first and foremost job is to save these fishes. Find out the true identity of the person behind it all as well as the identity of Dr. Crow. With these 7 participants, they are also wary of each other little by little. No one puts all their trust in anyone, everything has to be found out by yourself. They are also just victims drawn into this criminal pastime. But it is also possible that hidden in there are secret agents or even the presence of the person behind. The important thing is that here you have the right to decide the story and the relationship of the characters to each other. The ending and the happening are completely in the palm of your hand.

The Healing Horror Story mod

A true horror story

The main interface of The Healing – Horror Story is like another normal chat app. There is a chat section where the group video chat is displayed. As soon as the words New contact has been added, the horror story officially opens. Next to the apps section and profile section. The profile section is the section for you to personalize and identify the characters in the story. To participate, everyone must have a certain name and profession, right? It is you who will decide that. After each clue is found, you will be given a number of gold coins. They can be used to buy hints and make your way easier.

The Healing Horror Story mod apk

Linking characters

A story unfolds that will be attended by seven different people. You can completely connect, follow and chat with them like any other normal interactive app. Click the plus sign in the upper left corner of the screen to speak with the participants in the game. As long as they join the other Healing group, they can interact with them. Moreover, this player also has a profile and uploads photos and statuses to attract people’s interaction. Seems to know everyone but is no one. No one can judge whether this is official player information or not. Or just the mist of the boss standing behind.

The Healing Horror Story apk

Real photo material

After joining Dr. Crow’s Healing group, players expressed their fears via text messages. Many times there will be video clues provided to participants. All these videos and image data are shot by the production team with real people. They are professional actors who are contributing to your story. Guaranteed there will be no image theft or gray matter appearing here at all. The treasure trove of instant messages, video calls, and pictures were all wonderfully filmed and recorded by the cast. The goal of The Healing – Horror Story is everything to create an authentic experience.

The Healing Horror Story apk free

As a follower of horror and detective movies, missing The Healing – Horror Story is extremely regrettable. Stepping into Dr. Crow’s stories, you will be startled to exclaim because they are so realistic. Immerse yourself in it, you will not be able to distinguish what is real and what is a game. Follow in the footsteps of terrible crimes. Find the essential clues, prevent the approaching death. The only person who can stand in the way is you. Download The Healing – Horror Story mod to immerse yourself in the horror story.

Download The Healing – Horror Story MOD APK (Unlimited money/Hearts/Premium pack) for Android

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