Napoleon Empire War MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) 1.2.0

Updated 06/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameNapoleon Empire War APK
PublisherStrategy Gamez
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, medals
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Napoleon Empire War

Napoleon is a great general of the history of France; his role model was chosen to be included in the game Napoleon Empire War. In it, you will be playing the role of a great general. Go directly to the battlefield and take control of the army to fight the hostile empires. There are no modern-day battles. Once you participate in the Napoleon Empire War, you can only use the army during the 16th and 17th centuries. Go back in time to influence past wars. Together, unite France with a powerful army. Use the ultimate commanding skills and finish the challenging period.

Napoleon Empire War focuses on resource management. Build a powerful army and fight in many complex wars. Make full use of the capabilities and characteristics of the battlefield. Save resources and use them in the most critical situations. In addition, you also have to build your empire. Complete a safe defense so that the opponent cannot attack suddenly. Each battle is a climax between yourself and the enemy. Just a moment of neglect is enough to cause a match to fail.

Napoleon Empire War mod

Download Napoleon Empire War mod – Become a great general of the revolutionary era

The first step is always to build a country that has everything. Collect resources to build many buildings such as houses, citadel, army training furnace… Each building brings an essential task of its own. Households have the role of increasing the population to supplement the fighting force. The army training furnace trains civilians to become the most elite warriors. Build barracks to gather them and prepare for any battle. Not forgetting to upgrade the head of the kingdom is the capital. Upgrading the capital will unlock many more famous generals. Support you in the process of providing combat troops.

The war in Napoleon Empire War is complicated and hard to remember. There are wars of an empire with a common enemy. Sometimes empires allied with each other to defeat the stronger. The battle situation will be quite similar and slightly changed in history.

Napoleon Empire War mod apk

Continuous force upgrade

To have the most diverse army, we must build many buildings. Different battle camps will produce foreign armies. From infantry, cavalry, mortar, bomber, melee or sniper… Each of these forces will consume a certain amount of resources. They also have to be unlocked when they reach a new level to use them. Each military force is upgraded to change its appearance and increase its strength. The levels from one to 6 stars will have a marked difference. The higher the level, the more special tools they are equipped with. Make a significant contribution to your fighting force from the start to the end of the campaign.

Napoleon Empire War mod apk free

Talented Commanders

Leading the fighting force were the main commanders of the empire. These are all famous names in history, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, von Blucher… They are all in the same generation and command their empire. Collecting them means owning an army in their home country. The difference between the ways of controlling the generals is also apparent. The strengths of the legions have their characteristics. For example, the Prussians could fight proficiently in mountainous terrain. Sometimes it will be possible to combine forces and create your army.

Napoleon Empire War mod free

Complex famous battlefield

Based on the wars for independence and colonization in Europe. Napoleon Empire War recreates all the battles on the European continent. Your mission is to win all the attacks of allies and enemies. Battles are carried out on many lands with characteristic terrain. It dramatically affects your strategy and affects the outcome of the whole match. Research carefully who the opponent you are about to face will be. All you need to do after that is prepare the most necessary force. Command the entire army to advance to regain glory and independence. Prove the true power of the empire.

Napoleon Empire War free

By designing the characters to be as close to history as possible. Battles and army characteristics have not changed too much. Napoleon Empire War will take players back to the past of the turbulent European world. Everywhere is a battlefield, and there is no place for the incompetent. Take command of the empire and prepare for your era in Napoleon Empire War mod.

How to Download & Install Napoleon Empire War MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) for Android


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