Rage of Giants MOD APK (Unlimited money/Wood/Chest) 0.7.2

Updated 24/06/2023 (11 months ago)
NameRage of Giants APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Wood/Chest
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Rage of Giants

A skilled army in Rage of Giants will give you the best. Certainly won’t just stop at blind fighting. It is a legendary confrontation created by your hand. The wins will gradually appear more and more every day. It allows you to face your enemies using the ultimate weapon. The giants will help and accompany us. They are the key to our success. There’s no such thing as a weak army; it’s just that they haven’t reached their full potential.

This is a game with more tactical elements than usual. Its operation gives players absolute confidence. The features in it prove that you can do more than you think. I build my force until it maxes out. We learn to take what we need from our arch-enemies. Exploit weaknesses and maximize resources. And you’ll have the most amazing confrontations I’ve ever thought of. The entertainment is just beginning.

Rage of Giants mod

Download Rage of Giants mod apk – Conquer all new lands.

Your pirate squad has started to sortie and target the islands. These islands are all protected by other forces. Let’s begin your invasion by summoning soldiers. Mobilize your entire staff to attack and strengthen. Once the limit is reached, you can call even giants. Together with his, attack and destroy the opponent’s soldiers. So an easy victory was recorded. Let’s start other attacks to bring back more valuable assets. Remember, you are the pirate, and you steal everything. Create the greatest treasure stored on your side.

Upgrade your army

Your military units can fight more effectively if upgraded. This upgrade is done using the resources that you capture. After capturing an island, you can strengthen these units. Increase stats to higher levels to optimize for combat. At the same time, witness a drastic change in appearance for each soldier. The higher the story, the more it costs. Therefore, your looted resources are more demanding and more complex. Defeating the enemies later on is not accessible anymore. However, the upgrade elements are still essential to maintain and pursue.

Rage of Giants mod apk

Giant and Rage

In combat, you don’t just use your soldiers. But there is another factor that can determine the outcome of the war. That’s the giant sleeping peacefully on your battleship. Troops participating in combat and falling will contribute to increased rage. When your fever reaches its limit, you can immediately summon the giant. He will rush down from the sky and create a great earthquake. Then slaughter all the enemy troops and build an advantage. You can use this benefit to create a powerful counterattack. You are making it impossible for the enemy to do anything about the situation.

Rage of Giants mod free

Hundreds of powerful enemies can take advantage of their power units. They can own towers that easily defeat your troops. It is also possible that excellent commanders easily finish off one of your units quickly. Therefore it is necessary to be careful with what is on their side. Make the most of all the vital units to face these guys fairly. A war created by the Rage of Giants mod apk will go into legend.

How to Download & Install Rage of Giants MOD APK (Unlimited money/Wood/Chest) for Android


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