4English MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 9.5.74

Updated 04/12/2023 (3 days ago)
Name4English APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK 4English

4English MOD APK is known as an extremely effective self-study English application at home, suitable for both beginners and those with a basic foundation. By providing high-quality images, video conversations, daily news, English podcasts and countless other games, this application is guaranteed to significantly improve individuals’ foreign language abilities. Not only that, this application also has the integration of standard dictionaries and quick translation features to support users’ vocabulary lookup. Helps learning go as smoothly as possible because there is no need to rely on third-party support.

By owning this application on the device, users can completely learn English anywhere and anytime they want. Whether you’re walking in the park, sitting on the bus home or taking a lunch break at the company. 4English creates a dynamic, flexible environment with all the necessary tools for users to develop their foreign language skills to a new level.

4English mod apk

Download 4English MOD APK – Become proficient in English right at home

It can be said that 4English is an extremely suitable application for users to practice and improve four necessary skills when learning English: listening, speaking, reading and writing. For each skill, this application will provide dedicated learning methods for users to slowly improve them. For example, users can read a lot of bilingual news to improve their vocabulary and reading skills, listen to podcasts and watch real conversation videos to improve their speaking and listening skills, thereby Know how to apply flexibly in many situations in life. Instead of users having to download and search for countless different applications for each separate skill, 4English has now combined them all into one extremely convenient place. Take advantage of this to improve your foreign language skills every day.

4English mod

Provides dictionary and quick translation feature

Before starting to learn a language, users will need to have some knowledge of that language to ensure that learning will go as smoothly as possible. Understanding this, 4English has integrated a diverse dictionary system along with a quick translation feature to support the user’s learning process. This means that every time users encounter a vocabulary or an English sentence they don’t know, they can look it up immediately. There is absolutely no need to use third parties or other applications to translate. Users can use 4English to answer all questions and problems they encounter in the process of learning English. This is the only companion you need to improve your language skills as quickly and naturally as possible.

4English mod android

Possesses a treasure trove of practical learning materials

Bilingual newspapers, conversation videos and podcasts are extremely rich sources of learning materials that 4English provides to users. Instead of learning mechanically with many boring theories, this application fills the learner’s life with the most practical things. It takes news from reliable sources and translates it into bilingual to help users both gain more reading comprehension knowledge and update the world situation. Next, 4English MOD APK brings more than 10,000 conversations taken from real life with topics that could not be more familiar so that users can deeply understand each vocabulary they have learned and know how to use them in real life. Finally, this software supports users’ listening skills with podcasts on a variety of topics, from news, storytelling, knowledge transmission to music.

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Learn while having fun with attractive games

The most unique and impressive point of 4English is definitely the extremely fun and entertaining learning atmosphere it brings. This application will use interesting games to test and reinforce the user’s knowledge after each lesson. A learning method that can attract users’ interest and at the same time relieve stress during the learning process. Here, users will participate in a word matching game, a game that requires users to know how to apply the vocabulary they have learned in practice. This game seems simple but brings amazing results, helping vocabulary enter the user’s life as naturally as possible. Not only that, 4English also allows users to invite friends or relatives to play together to learn and progress together.

Learning English with 4English MOD APK will open a big turning point in the user’s language pursuit journey. Because everything users need has been conveniently gathered in a single space.

How to Download & Install 4English MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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