My Child Lebensborn LITE MOD APK 1.7.102 (Unlocked, Free shop)

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NameMy Child Lebensborn LITE APK
PublisherSarepta Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, Free shop
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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MOD Infomation

1. Unlocked paid version
2. Free shop (even still minus your money)

Raising children is never easy for parents. However, anyone can experience this if they choose My Child Lebensborn LITE. Allows you to raise a child in the best way they need to be. Discover the secrets behind the dark corners of life. You will find many things that you have not learned before. A life that one thing can never fully control.

My Child Lebensborn LITE is a game designed to simulate raising children. It is a shortened version of My Child Lebensborn to try it for free. The way to build the game’s image has a somewhat dark cartoonish color. Set after World War 2 filled with irreparable remnants. It will give players a different perspective on how a child can develop. Can you do your job well?

My Child Lebensborn LITE mod

Download My Child Lebensborn LITE mod – Raise your child in the best way

The game will start with adopting a child after the second world war. This child is completely normal and will stick with you throughout the journey. You will have the duty to care for it just like parents usually do with their children. From feeding, buying new clothes, bathing, lulling will all need to be done. The most important thing is that any action or word you say will influence it. Your choices are the way the child builds who they are. Please complete the necessary tasks so that the child can maintain his everyday life. You will be surprised at how it can react.

My Child Lebensborn LITE mod free

Make a choice

During the activity, the child may constantly raise questions or concerns. These may be symptoms that are commonly seen in adolescence. You will have ready-made answers to choose from to suit your opinion. It may or may not solve the child’s question. You want to let it known or hide it to create a better thought depending on the truth. All of these answers will take your child’s mind in many directions. It can think good or impaired due to both the impact from the outside environment when living. Be tactful in all situations, and you’ll be a model parent.

My Child Lebensborn LITE mod apk

Daily activities

Like any other child, your child needs to be developed in a typical environment. They will have to go to school, play with friends and live with family. When you’re at home, you’ll have to do your part to make sure the baby is healthy. Starting from washing his face, buying new clothes, cooking, chatting, and putting it to bed. You will see that bad conditions will appear if you do not do this. It can get tired, dirty, get boring, or worse, get weaker. You need to avoid encountering these things and carefully observe the child’s outward expression. Love it like your own child.

My Child Lebensborn LITE mod apk free

Participate in many activities

To increase your intimacy score, you can take your baby on trips. It will help cultivate more life skills and create fun for your child. For example, you will teach it how to use the fishing rod correctly with fishing. Together, catch big fish so you can bring home to cook delicious dinners. It can help your child deal with problems like bullying or communication at school. Each activity has the nature to create a good impact on the personality. You will have more experience after knowing all the things you have done. From there, go further in nurturing and protecting their children.

My Child Lebensborn LITE mod android

Exploring the past

The child you adopt will have a bad past before a new life. This makes their souls different from other children of the same age. The cause can be the devastation of war, loss, violence, or the like. All there is to know about the past will be sent in letters. You can read them and find out how to heal that emotional wound. Acts of care and concern will be the best remedy. You need to understand and do what you need to make up for the child’s deprivations.

With an impressive and deep simulation game like My Child Lebensborn LITE mod, you will find a lot of fun. Create your life purpose and show your love.

Download My Child Lebensborn LITE MOD APK (Unlocked, Free shop) for Android

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