My Cat Tower MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) 1.4.12

Updated 22/04/2023 (12 months ago)
NameMy Cat Tower APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK My Cat Tower

A colorful world called My Cat Tower has opened, players. The main characters in this game will be cute little cats. This is a suitable game if you are a lover of small animals. Think about what a cat can do. An average cat will hang around eating and sleeping, sometimes lying quietly. They lead a light and peaceful life; nothing seems to bother them. But the cats in the exciting game My Cat Tower are very different and unique. Cats have a charming appearance but can do all sorts of things. Have the players of the game ever seen cats make food? Let’s experience it together today.

How wonderful it is to own a herd of cats of different types. When you raise a child, your heart is already indescribably happy, right? Now in the game, My Cat Tower, players also have a more significant number of cats for themselves. The joy seems to be multiplied many times before many cats surround it. Indeed the hearts of players who love cats will have to soften before these lovely graphics. Sound is also invested heavily to make the player’s experience more enjoyable.

My Cat Tower mod apk free

Download My Cat Tower mod – Own a business full of cats.

Entering the game world of My Cat Tower, the players will become the boss, the boss. Owning a business with all employees are small cats. Isn’t it extraordinary that cats will do jobs that are supposed to be human? The players must do an effortless operation with just one hand to make a profit. The main job is to sell beautiful desserts. Players let their cats work where they see fit. My Cat Tower is a fully automatic game, so even exiting it won’t stop. Just finish the work outside and come back to see how hard your lovely cats are, dear players. It’s time to show off your business genius.

My Cat Tower mod android

All staff are cats

The primary human resources of the player’s dessert business are the little cats. They are adorable and carry many different types and unique shapes. They can be British cats with long pure white hair, Persian cats with a bit of aristocracy, American short-haired cats with the smell of milk, Burmese magic cats with unique coat colors, or Siamese cats with eyes. as beautiful as a lake. All of them will become employees and under the management of My Cat Tower players. Is it interesting? The players will not be able to resist the lovely appearance. Adorable cats run a business from top to bottom Use and trade in the right way to generate high profits. Let’s collect more hearts to exchange fish for cats.

My Cat Tower mod

Various roles

With many cats, the cats in My Cat Tower will have different roles. The player’s business will have many floors, and each floor will be a stage. There is a floor dedicated to squeezing fruit juice with a cat to get the fruit, a unique way to cut the fruit, and a standing Cato to grind the fruit with a machine. The cake-making floor will have a cat frying the cake, a cat decorating the cake, and a cat packed into a box. There is much work to be done, and each cat will have unique abilities. There is a cat who drives a delivery van to other cities, and there is a cat that presses elevators for customers. Please read the descriptions carefully and put them in the right tier for everything to work correctly. Make the most of your business potential.

My Cat Tower mod apk

Amazing dishes

The cats in My Cat Tower will make beautiful desserts. The dishes that the businesses of the players can cause are very diverse. Like excellent watermelon juice, donuts covered in beautiful chocolate, golden pudding with sugar topping, and sophisticated cakes with layers of whipped cream. Do no longer hesitate; let’s create the most exquisite dishes with your cats. Conquer all the most demanding customers in the player’s city and beyond. The number of cats on each floor will be three or four cats. The players rely on each ‘s the workforce to arrange the most reasonable. This game will help players make many new friends with online mechanics; let’s try to see who will be the best trader.

Earn a lot of money to upgrade your cats. Download the My Cat Tower mod to experience the colorful life with adorable cats, grow your business to the top, and become the city’s dessert tycoon.

How to Download & Install My Cat Tower MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) for Android


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