My Arcade Empire MOD APK 1.40.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameMy Arcade Empire APK
PublisherConcrete Software, Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited Tokens
2. Unlimited Gems
3. Unlimited Pizza

Go back to the 80s in the game My Arcade Empire to build a video game empire. Old games can make you money and become the master of every game. The game builds the famous electronic entertainment system of the old 80’s games. You will create a new video game with a tube cooperating with the gangs. Attract customers with coin games to unlock characters from that money. Use the cakes from the shop and the cards you collect to upgrade the game’s characters. Game events will excitingly take place with game coins. Build your tycoon of coin games.

The 80s once again welcomed coin game enthusiasts instead of video games. Experience the games from the 80s and learn how to earn coins from there. Use these coins to build a new tubular game. Use your competition to get customers to play the game you create. The cash from that first game will help make the next games. Gather your games and rebuild this 80’s game system. Collect coins from your customers when they buy and play your game. Level up from the resources obtained from the system and earn money until you are a millionaire.

My Arcade Empire android

Download My Arcade Empire mod – Create an arcade system

The arcade machines from the 80s will return to be operated by you in the game. Between the day’s rounds, you had to have fun that the customer saw differently. The difference earns you coins when customers play your game. The inhabitants of Ridgemont, though odd, are willing to spend their money on entertainment. You will be able to build a system that is not about anything else but arcade games. Money will be automatically collected through the in-game auto-trading system. You need to attract players and collect coins from their wallets. In addition, you will build automatic cash earning system in cooperation with the gang.

My Arcade Empire mod

The mayor’s ban

The city’s mayor decided to ban the appearance of this popular game in the center. Now people in the shopping district will no longer continue to entertain by this unexpected law. Coin game lovers will no longer earn game bonuses. Legendary games are disappearing, and it is your responsibility to maintain them. Enter the city to own a separate area for you and the gang. This land is where coin games are once again born and run. Invest your money in old games and create new ones. Your adventure will be justifiably rewarded with the passion of the Ridgemonters.

My Arcade Empire apk

Arcade game empire

The attraction of entertainment with coin games has not decreased despite the mayor’s ban. The people of Ridgemont still want to experience the rewards of the game. Or at least they want to use up all the coins they still have before the decision to ban the center. Satisfy people’s entertainment by building games in their areas. The mayor forbids the game to be operated in the center, not employed by you. Unpacked games will be the first step in your journey. Put the coin-collecting machines into operation, and you will continue to grow. Build an old game system and new ones so people can keep playing arcade games.

My Arcade Empire mod apk

Game data

Ridgemont City customers will decide the survival of your coin games. They have a passion for the games in your system, and you must maintain them. Their presence in your area helps you earn extra income. But that should not be the first thing in your journey in this city. You will unlock each customer’s card once they appear and play the game. Customer cards that indicate your goals and interests will be precious to you. Based on that information and build more favorite games for people. Organizing events with coin game lovers will enrich your customer data.

My Arcade Empire free

A ban has been issued, but the coin game’s existence can continue off-center. Make your area a place where customers are free to indulge in prohibited games. You will hire former game operators to keep your system evolving. Create events to revive people’s excitement in the face of frustration with the mayor. Upgrade your coin game empire and perfect your new game system. Download My Arcade Empire mod to create a coin game system with the gangs.

Download My Arcade Empire MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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