Monthly Idol MOD APK (Unlimited money) 8.51

Updated on 02/09/2022 (11 months ago)
NameMonthly Idol APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The K-POP idols you want will appear and perform energetically in Monthly Idol. Brings you to the world of the people behind the scenes shimmering. To manage all the stars that I have in my direction. Take their music and performance career to the next level. You will learn how to divide tasks most appropriately and effectively. From there, they can help their stars win the audience’s hearts. That’s exactly what the most powerful can do now.

Monthly Idol is a simulation game based on the popular K-POP idol theme. This is an entertainment industry with the most people interested in Korea. Suitable for those who want to learn about the unique culture of this country. Not only that but also have the freedom of business and easy development. Helps you better understand the management of the top stars in the land of kimchi. There are no complicated and confusing operations like other games. Only development and profit are put first to get fame.

Monthly Idol mod

Download Monthly Idol mod – Build the most prominent entertainment company

With conditions for the thriving entertainment industry, you will begin to fulfill your dreams. Let’s open an entertainment company with a small scale suitable for your investment capital. This was followed by signing with amateur actors and singers. Train and develop them to the next level of public performance. Each performance will bring a lot of profit to have particular successes. From there, it is possible to continue developing the company’s scale to become larger and more robust. Bring in fans from all over the world to enjoy your show. Achieve outstanding achievements that are known to all.

Monthly Idol mod free

Training Idols

Monthly Idol provides your entertainment company with a variety of ideal idol models. They are all able to perform to attract a certain number of fans. Their ability will be judged based on the level of talent they have. The more stars, the more potential there is than the rest. You can upgrade your idols to become principal characters. However, it should be known that the contract limit will only be five years. But after this period, you can ultimately continue to sign another contract if you want. Leverage anyone who can benefit you as much as possible.

Audio recordings

After the performances, you can proceed to record their newly performed music. Then put on the market to meet the needs of the fans. They will pay to buy these recordings, and you will profit from them. Not only that but also souvenirs, jewelry, magazines, or photos for business. Those who love their K-POP idols will buy these. So you have a great source of income for your property. Create more opportunities to take your company further in the large international market. To become the leading corporation in terms of revenue and influence in the industry.

Monthly Idol mod apk

Facing a bad situation

In addition to performing, you also need to pay attention to the lives of the idols you manage. They can get into quite a lot of trouble with their activities. For example, they suddenly fell ill after a performance and were hospitalized. You will need a caregiver to help them recover quickly. Fans often attack some people to meet and talk once. Help idols drive them away to keep their lives safe. Try to make sure everything is handled in the best and most efficient way. Help your standards feel secure to continue their unfinished careers.

Monthly Idol mod android

Scaling up

You need to grow for your company to grow. Start with expanding the area to have more rooms to serve your idols. Recruit more standards with more prosperous talents and fire those who don’t meet the requirements. Invest in other areas to generate more profits every day. Create more amenities for the company with fully serviced rooms. Make more and more people hunt for idol products. Any way you want will help your company go up in Monthly Idol mod.

Download Monthly Idol MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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