Multiland Online MOD APK 0.2.0 (God mode, infinity money/ammo)

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NameMultiland Online APK
PublisherMultiland Online
MOD FeaturesGod mode, infinity money/ammo
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
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Infinite Ammo
No Reload
No Car Damage
Infinite In Game Money
Infinite Food
No Ads

Multiland Online is a simulation game with a penchant for first- and third-person combat. Players will play the role of the character they designed, choose the battlefield, and fight. This is a highly creative game with a very familiar blocky graphic background. With their creativity, gamers can not simply create their characters. You can also design and build terrains for combat yourself. Weapons are also objected that players can start with significant damage. When you have a place to hide with advanced equipment, go out and fight. A lot of other players are also waiting for a chance to compete.

A combination of Minecraft graphics and self-creation, with survival shooting gameplay. And gamers will get an exhilarating two-in-one experience with Multiland Online. Let’s do a little research on these aspects of the game. With the creative side, there will be countless servers and areas for players to build. There are countless blocks with various materials to combine and create works. A set of buildings will create a unique battle map completely different. As for the shooting aspect, Multiland Online offers both first-person and third-person perspectives. Gamers combine moves with the bullet button to win.

Multiland Online apk

Download Multiland Online mod – Building and shooting

Survival shooting games like PUBG are already globally famous for the drama it brings. Players will choose the map they will drop themselves and collect equipment to fight. The guns and equipment in these shooting games are entirely random. What kind of gun you meet, what level of backpack you use, how many nade balls you have, it’s all due to dignity. However, with Multiland Online, players can actively create their battle maps. Of course, you can also create your weapons and vehicles. Sounds very attractive, right? Still not finished; you can dress the character in your favorite skin. The player’s initiative is boosted.

Multiland Online mod

New gameplay

Multiland Online has its quintessence of construction games and shooting survival games. The first job before starting any war is to create a character. Gamers can choose the skin color, hairstyle, and outfit they like best. The most modern, updated costumes are waiting for players to bring back their warriors. When there is enough confidence in the appearance, gamers choose the game mode; there are single-player and multiplayer modes. With the single-player mode, players will fight with pre-programmed bots. When participating in multiplayer mode, competition and survival will be pushed up. By design instinct and agility, players need to use blocks to hide. It could simply be a wall, or it could even be a room. When you are safe and sure of the enemy’s position, leave your hiding place to fight.

Multiland Online mod apk

Various weapons

The makers of Multiland Online have created a vast world of weapons. Starting from rudimentary weapons such as hammers, axes, and building tools. When there is a certain amount of resources, gamers can create a large sword. Those are melee weapons, but what about ranged attack weapons? Both have many different guns for gamers to freely craft and use. You can create a pistol with each shot that can take a large amount of health. Next are guns that can deal much damage and have high attack speed. You can make a K98 that can hold 40 bullets.

Multiland Online android

Lots of items

Besides the weapons that can be equipped as a construction game, there are many other objects. Multiland Online has seven jurisdictions, including blocks, tools, vehicles, technology, food, shelter, and resources. With blocks, it is the blocks that the player needs to build the buildings on the game screen. With tools, there is an ax or a hammer for the player to dig and find other items. A specific vehicle is an object used for movements, such as a horse, pig, chicken, goat, or cart. This is a practical item so that the character does not take too much time to approach. Technology is what players combine, creating innovative things. Food is more than an item for the character in the game to restore lost health. A place or room, a house that the player takes a lot of effort and resources to build. And resources are player-owned items, such as combat weapons.

Multiland Online apk free

If you need a game with construction features combined with shooting gameplay, Multiland Online is for you. You can design your buildings and destroy your enemies with powerful weapons. Download Multiland Online mod to find resources, use them for construction, and enjoy survival shooting.

Download Multiland Online MOD APK (God mode, infinity money/ammo) for Android

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