Muggle Solitaire MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.0

Updated 03/03/2023 (12 months ago)
NameMuggle Solitaire APK
PublisherMango Interactive Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Muggle Solitaire

Muggle Solitaire is a village building simulation puzzle game published by Mango Interactive Entertainment. What is needed to be able to build a village? Players will be provided with all food. And food, buildings and tools needed for farming and survival. Play as a wizard boy, holding a wand and possessing interesting magic shows. The boy’s face radiated pure joy. While being able to fulfill your baby’s dream by yourself. The player is given a map that is yellowed and tinged with time. On it is a simulation of the island we are building.

Joining the game, you will open a new chapter as a god. Use your magic and power to rescue. And help the villagers escape the famine and the dangers that are lurking. These dangers come from the position of evil creatures that exist and have a desire to kill people. Focus attention on the number of people to be able to prepare enough food needed. Players need to ensure that there is enough food to distribute to all the people here. If the food distribution is not uniform. There are people without food who will starve to death. This causes your village to be affected.

Muggle Solitaire mod

Download Muggle Solitaire mod – Build the village and ensure the survival of the people here

Besides taking care of the life of the villagers. The player must also join the people in fighting against the enemy. It is strange creatures that come from everywhere. They intend to invade the village as their own. Capture the wealth that players create. Collect cards to get gold coins. Or use gold coins to buy card packs that the manufacturer provides. These card packs contain many cards of different subject categories. Can contain resources such as food, buildings, and resources for the construction of the village. These cards can also contain special skills that the player does not anticipate.

Muggle Solitaire mod apk

Complete mission

To get the resources and good weapons to maintain the villagers’ lives is not an easy thing. What you need to do is work hard to increase production and grow crops to quickly harvest products. The gameplay is relatively simple and easy to understand. Just drag the Muggles onto the tree to grow some typical plants. For example, grapes, mangoes and essential foods for life such as wheat, corn, potatoes, and cassava;… Also collect rare metal ores. Control the villagers to create sharp weapons to serve the war. If you complete the missions well, the player will collect gold coins to buy food.

More than 200 cards

As mentioned, Muggle Solitaire has a lot of card packs with different themes. Thus, with more than 200 collectable cards, it is possible to open a variety of foods, clothes, costumes, and houses, … The people cards and basic cards are cream yellow with symbols. icon above. The special skill cards are made in gray, the icon drawings are drawn in white. For example, the Magic Wand card unlocks a new wand for the player. Muggle cards come in different shapes representing the age of the people. There are pictures of a newborn baby still swaddling, a young boy playing, or people cooking rice,…

Battle mode

Muggle Solitaire offers many battle modes for players to explore. Because the number of evil creatures appearing in the game is also many and very diverse in genre. There are werewolves, witches, and vampires,…all characters with elements of evil. They exist in humans and can appear here. As soon as the appearance of a card called Forbidden Forest is synonymous with bad things coming to the village. Players need to quickly assemble a powerful army of people. Prepare to face the storm of attacking creatures. Equip the people with the most advanced and powerful weapons to serve the war. They are completely obedient to your orders.

As a god, the player can unlock many types of supreme magic. For example, the magic of controlling fire, controlling the wind, or launching a blind flame before the enemy;… In addition, the player can also change the appearance of his character. With costume cards, transform into new clothes. Replace the old black robe with purple clothes. Wearing a red and yellow plaid scarf has a witch feeling. Change the staff to a wand or vice versa. Download Muggle Solitaire mod explores construction, feed villagers and fight creatures.

How to Download & Install Muggle Solitaire MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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