Jewel Witch MOD APK (Auto win) 1.14.5

Updated 26/12/2023 (2 months ago)
NameJewel Witch APK
MOD FeaturesAuto win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Jewel Witch

In Jewel Witch’s game, challenge the energy puzzles of the mystical, magical world. The witches will transport you to a new world with puzzles filled with extraordinary power. Although they can’t use magic, the puzzles aren’t that easy. The magic will be seen only when you successfully combine three magic jewels of the same colour. The gems in each puzzle fall from the chains of the witches and form the puzzle. They draw mighty magical powers from witches and challenge those who want to solve puzzles. Challenge yourself and solve puzzles of magical gems.

Powerful wizards always carry a necklace with a unique, beautiful magic jewel. They wear them on their bodies, and the gems are infected with extraordinary magical powers over time. The magician has dropped magical gems, and they form puzzles on their own. You know about magic puzzles when magicians seek helpers to solve magic puzzles. Others tried to solve the mystery, but all failed before the mysterious magic gem. But you get a unique ability when you can get in touch with some of the gem’s energy. Reach for the magic gems in the puzzle and help the magician solve the mysterious puzzle.

Jewel Witch android

Download Jewel Witch mod – Solve puzzles of magic jewels

Magical gems of witches fall out of pendants and create puzzles. The magicians sought out the world’s people and helped them connect with the mystery. But the puzzle was beyond everyone’s ability when accompanied by powerful magicians. Many puzzle enthusiasts have tried their hand, but the magic power refuses them all. However, you get a reaction from the magical stone and start your puzzle journey. Whether or not the magicians will add the jewel to the necklace is up to you. Enter the world of wizards and solve puzzles containing magical gems.

Jewel Witch apk

Mysterious world

The magical world is always mysterious when there are interesting paranormal world stories. Magical stories have a magical power to draw people in. This place became even more bustling when the magicians invited puzzle lovers to join. But no one can solve the puzzles of the magic stone and receive defeat. The gems seem to be looking for someone worthy of accessing the mysterious power of magic. And that person appeared when you could, step by step, connect the gems. Use your abilities to access the energy within the puzzle of the magic stone.

Jewel Witch free

Magic puzzle

You will enter the world of sweet witches who have magical powers. They always carried a stone symbolizing magical power, but an event happened. Magic stones fall out of the control of the witches and build puzzles. They seem to be looking for someone who can access the power of magic, and yes. Only those who can perceive magic can solve the stones with magical powers. You are found to have this ability when you connect three magic gems. Your magic gem puzzle ability has been discovered and helped the witch solve the puzzle.

Jewel Witch mod apk

Puzzle level

The witches have dropped the magic stone, and they create challenging puzzles for themselves. You are said to be the one who can access that inner power and solve puzzles. But that is just a newly discovered ability that needs to be tested through levels. So your journey to solving magic stones will go through more than hundreds of puzzles. If you are the chosen one, it will be easy to solve the puzzle of those magical stones. Puzzles involving magic stones will also be arranged from easy to complex. Connect three magic stones and solve puzzles to help the sweet witches.

Jewel Witch mod

The stone of the cute witches has been dropped, and they combine into puzzles. They have a little magical power inside, making it difficult for those who like to solve puzzles. According to rumours, only those connected with supernatural powers can solve it. But the witches discovered you could solve puzzles by connecting three magic stones. The wizards have tested your abilities and need you to solve the gem. Test your exposure to mystical, magical powers and take on puzzle levels. Download Jewel Witch mod to discover the puzzle of magic jewels from beautiful witches.

How to Download & Install Jewel Witch MOD APK (Auto win) for Android


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