Moonleap MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.1.1

Updated 18/05/2023 (9 months ago)
NameMoonleap APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4 +
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Introduce MOD APK Moonleap

Become the moon boy who turns the universe upside down in Moonleap. Overcome nasty roadblocks with your transcendent wisdom. Change locations hit by the sun’s rays while jumping over mysterious metal bars. The multitude of fantastical beings beyond the dimension is large but friendly, reliable things to lean on in times of trouble. Collect shooting stars that are creeping everywhere beyond that vast space. Dodge sharp objects and something that can attack the boy, and climb on trees from distant planets to continue the journey. Many mysterious traps are set up to deceive the player.

Unlike games that overcome obstacles with extremely high speed, which require the ability to handle complex situations quickly or react quickly to dodge things that can rush at and take the player’s life. The game tempo is more suitable for tactical calculations before action, which inadvertently brings an exciting novelty for those used to high-speed games. Different colors nicely mix the animations, but they are very colorful and not distracting for the experience. Still, on the contrary, the gentle and elegant music will bring a sense of relaxation to anyone. Who experienced.

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Download Moonleap mod apk – Explore the vast galaxy with the moon boy

After millennia of living in peace, a rare incident has finally occurred with the solar system. The moon and the Earth are two almost inseparable things, but the collision of a giant shooting star has destroyed them all. That destructive event tore the moon into pieces that were scattered everywhere. However, the miraculous sources of life on Earth passed into the moon’s core, and it became a conscious object. Since our boy was born, he has been very friendly and curious about the stars and distant planets. With that curiosity, he immediately set out to find the remaining fragments of himself.

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Walking on alien planets

You will start this exciting journey with instructions to overcome obstacles and interact with various plants. Some vegetation has a discreet defense mechanism, so anticipate the jump force before taking action. Some timid creatures will be a reliable shield to avoid contact with the sharp thorns. Shooting stars will appear anywhere on the road. This is an essential item and should be collected for any reason. Sometimes, they appear in extraordinary places like dangerous thorns. This is when tactical calculation and brain thinking must work fully to claim the star.

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Unstable terrains

Because the fragments were thrown so far, they fell on many different planets from near to very far. At each of those places are sleeping stellar objects waiting to be collected. These locations have hazardous colors and features on the mainland and are far from the blue planet. Areas heavily contaminated with metallic elements had turned into substantial lumps of iron. Some places have strange colors, but the trees are dangerous when they can launch poisonous spikes to defend themselves. But the most hazardous is still the regular foliage that hides the tips that will take the boy’s life.

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Cosmic creatures

Throughout the trip, creatures will appear; they are not aggressive but just migrating to other locations. Some species are characteristic of a planet; they have the form of living creatures on Earth but are much more significant. The cats migrating in the opposite direction will be a solid fulcrum for the boy’s next steps. Snails are very shy when he tries to jump on their shells, which will immediately retract into the protective cover and become the perfect shield for the spikes.

Moonleap mod apk free min

Change between day and night

The moon determines the day and night on Earth, so he can change between day and night wherever he goes. Thanks to his divine origin, when he landed in the right place, he could change the state of the planet. But these places have a far different day and night than the Earth due to the difference in light. It’s not just blue and black anymore, it’s going to be colorful tones, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between daytime and nighttime. Travel across the galaxy with the naughty boy at Moonleap mod apk.

How to Download & Install Moonleap MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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