Monster City MOD APK (Unlimited money) 15.0

Updated 22/01/2024 (6 months ago)
NameMonster City APK
PublisherTap Pocket
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Monster City

Do you feel so boring when you have to play the role of a hero fighting monsters who come out of nowhere? Or are they forced to destroy them without even doing anything to us. Surely animal lovers would not like such violent games. So if you can raise and grow cute monsters. What about letting them grow and be friends with you? If you feel it is awesome then I will lead you to Monster City. A real monster park where you don’t have to deal with slack.

Monster City, a great paradise for monsters. Where they won’t be hunted and defeated in other titles. A place where you are omnipotent, creating everything. Spawns many adorable monsters to nurture, giving them the most comfortable life. Combined with a little bit of construction, executive elements in it. You will be the manager of the beasts, feeding them, upgrading. Protect them from dangers. Make them stronger to confront other monsters. The gameplay is repeatable every day but will not be boring once you try it.

Monster City mod free

Download Monster City mod – Master a magic island monster

Just like other construction theme games. You will start with a small land. There is a shrine where you can hatch your eggs. The eggs of monsters are purchased in the store, or you can breed them yourself. After the incubation time is up, tap to receive your adorable monster baby right away. Because they need a good environment and space to live. Build more elemental environments for each monster. Each project only costs a few hundred golds. And so your baby has room to live and grow. Then when they get bigger, you can cross between any two species. Creates a whole new breed of monsters.

Not only breeding and raising monsters, but players also participate in many interesting activities. Typically the construction and planning work. Make it look like a real city. A place where all species can live in harmony with each other. If I have completed my dream city. Create a spacious urban area with a lot of monsters. Or to expand the scale of your influence on the world. With many battles of skill and monster power with other players. In general, the amount of work that you can do in Monster City is overwhelming.

Monster City mod apk free

Monsters are divided into several categories

The monsters, the souls of this game, have a certain variety of species and shapes. They own parts of real animals. Along with many elements of fiction taken from the myths. You will probably feel a bit familiar when you see them. Each of them possesses its own levels, elements, and abilities. Upgrade them with food to change their shape to represent maturity. Place them in the environments of the respective element. Breed two species together to create a new species. They will possess both parent’s elements. And more or less a chance to produce a rare species with some new elements.

Build your dreamland

The works in Monster City are designed by the development team quite meticulously and in detail. Only the environments where monsters live. Has shown the careful investment of graphic designers. The environments for fire monsters are represented by lava volcanoes. The trees are dense for the natural environment. Along with much other living, environments are filled with vitality. Not to mention there are farms to harvest food for monsters. The arena to compete, decorative miniatures… The number is not small, but you must arrange it so that it is beautiful and civilized. Like a real city.

Monster City mod apk

Monsters compete

When you raise monsters and let them grow day by day. One is to leave them as they are just to admire the beauty of each one. The other is for them to swim into the ocean, meet and confront other monsters. Your opponents are other players. They also own an island, a city, and their own monsters. We will meet them in the arena, where you send out your strongest monsters to fight. The matches are also quite simple. Just hit the turn, the monster of whoever is defeated will be the loser. If you are observant, you can make options against the opponent. Bring back easy wins.

Monster City mod

Suitable for someone who is feeling tired and wants to relieve stress. Monster City will help you defeat the worries in life. Immerse yourself in the dream world of cute animals created by you. Gradually become positive and regain your spirits. Games are a healthy stress reliever for everyone. Nurture and develop lovely monsters with Monster City mod.

How to Download & Install Monster City MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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