Stickman Archery Master MOD APK 1.0.22 (Unlimited arrows, upgraded)

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NameStickman Archery Master APK
PublisherABI Global LTD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited arrows, upgraded
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The bow-wielding stickman hero is an image you have seen many times in the games now; they will play the main character in Stickman Archery Master. A game about geniuses using ranged weapons, namely powerful bows. Accompanied by battles full of forces beyond your imagination. Hit the road and kill them all to become an archery legend. Gather all the necessary powers to become the most powerful archer. The way to play is both entertaining and tactical will be good spiritual food for you.

It all begins when your hero is transported to a completely foreign world. This place is not peaceful at all but is always filled with chaos. A variety of monsters and giant creatures fought everywhere. A small creature like you has a chance to survive here? That hero only carried an ordinary bow in his hand. We wouldn’t have expected it to become his most powerful weapon. Help the hero reach the ultimate power to survive in this quirky world.

Stickman Archery Master mod

Download Stickman Archery Master mod – Archery hero rule the world

Stickman Archery Master is easy to play and get used to by most gamers. But to master and win every match is another story. The bow hero will stand in a single position throughout the entire match. Use the bow to stretch and shoot at the targets ahead. The enemy may move and launch attacks aimed at you, depending on the game screen. Use the bow to shoot down those attacks and counterattack to destroy the enemy. It sounds simple and takes time to win. But things are more complicated than you think.

You will have a certain amount of health at each level. The higher the level, the more health you will have to fight. With you just standing still in one place, it is straightforward to take damage. What you can do is shoot down the enemy’s attacks, then aim at them and kill them. If you focus on shooting at the enemy without caring how many times they attack, you will be destroyed because you have run out of health. That is the scenario that no one wants. You should be prepared for all the worst possible scenarios.

Stickman Archery Master mod apk

Important Core Skills

If you only shoot arrows continuously, it is challenging to defeat many enemies. There are three unique skills added to assist you in various challenging situations. The first is the protective shield, pretty easy to understand, isn’t it? It will create a giant shield that blocks all enemy attacks. At this point, you can comfortably aim at the enemy without worrying about their attacks. The second is healing, which will immediately restore a large amount of health in critical cases. The third skill is to fire a volley of arrows that deal massive damage. Very suitable for killing many enemies. Two types of highly effective arrows in combat are ice arrows and poison arrows.

Stickman Archery Master mod apk free

Various enemies and terrain

Even if you stand in a single position, the battlefield will be very different at each stage. Enemies will move towards you to attack. Or sometimes they will stand in different positions in the match. Some enemies even attack and carry weapons to kill you instantly. The witches attack with a magic staff that deals very high damage. Many creatures carry bombs to kill themselves and damage you. Human impersonators throwing javelin continuously at you are very dangerous. It is necessary to combine observing the enemy’s attacks and fighting simultaneously. The battle will be very fast-paced and stimulate your fighting ability.

Collect support items

Our warriors don’t just have a bow in battle. Because in the game screen, you also have the opportunity to receive more exciting items. Most of them are colorful costumes to make the warrior more interesting. In addition, they also provide more blood to increase your survivability. Collect pirate hats, doctor suits, princess hair, iron man costumes, rubber duck swim floats… To make the battle more fun than ever. You also have a chance to get more powerful bows. Their colors and shapes also change to match their strength and character.

Stickman Archery Master mod free

A worthy game for those who don’t have much time to play games. You can experience a few levels to relieve stress when you have some free time. Join the hero with the bow to sweep every problematic battle. Upgrade your weapons and abilities to become the strongest. Stickman Archery Master mod pushes actions super fast and stimulates players’ reflexes.

Download Stickman Archery Master MOD APK (Unlimited arrows, upgraded) for Android

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