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Introduce MOD APK Minion Fighters

The genre of games with the theme of fighting between monsters has never been hot. Minion Fighters is no exception to this game genre. But instead of a battle between a demon and an army, this is a PvP game. The fight takes place in a dark arena called Arena. At the beginning, a mutant green dinosaur will communicate with you. Through the story, players can grasp some information needed to serve the game. The scene around the arena was filled with death and cold. Black crows flew back and forth, in front of the gate was a large white skull and two tridents on either side.

After choosing one of the three representatives of the battle, the player is taken to the battle area. Is a dark dungeon built of large stone slabs? The dungeon was old so it was covered with moldy green moss. On the wall were still hanging chains, cuffs, and flickering candles. Two adversaries stand facing each other on a long hexagonal stone slab. And there are four pairs participating in the fight against each other. The whistle blows the battle begins, players need to launch all the strongest moves quickly. After winning, each group has 1 person left, the battle will continue to randomly take place between these four people.

Minion Fighters android

Download Minion Fighters mod – The fight between the monsters in the dark dungeon

The elimination battle continues until the final between the two characters. If either of these characters has your monster, you can continue playing. If eliminated, the player must stop the game and choose to start the first game with another character. Every time the opponent is defeated, he will dissolve into green ghosts and disappear into the air. When the opponent falls, there will be gold coins falling out. If it is your opponent, that amount of gold will automatically be added to the treasury. Next to the Arena in the center is an accessory shop, a training area, and a wheel of fortune. But you must reach a certain level to open these areas.

Minion Fighters mod apk

Monster team

Minion Fighters’ monsters appear in various forms. The choice of which interface they appear under depends on your choice. Like a dry skeleton wearing purple clothes and a bow and arrow in his hand. Or a skeleton that is dry but wears the armor of a mighty general. A green troll with striking blue hair, a long nose, and long ears. The red demon girl with two horns on her head is holding a sharp trident in her hand. The green giant looks a bit goofy, wielding hammers and axes. There are countless interesting skins waiting for players to unlock ahead.

Minion Fighters mod

Hard training

Click on the area with the dart board and straw doll. This contains information about the entire army of monsters that the player owns. This is the area containing the side quests to help players train their fighting ability and level up the character. In order for the character to get higher and higher, the player needs to let them participate in the quest evenly. Go through the stats panel to track the number of abilities and level them up. Beasts like red dragons with their backs sprouting sharp black spikes. Money can be used to increase attack stats and skills. After fighting and gaining experience, fill the green column.

Minion Fighters apk free

Unlock regions

First, into Minion Fighters, only the Arena arena area is unlocked. After reaching certain levels, completing a number of quests increases reputation and stats. Players can unlock neighborhoods to enrich the entertainment. There is a shop area used to buy drugs, weapons or equipment. The lucky spin area will bring players interesting gift chests. The LeaderBoard area is a reputation leaderboard only for those who are talented and win multiple battles in a row. The Trainer area is for side quests as mentioned in the previous section.

Minion Fighters apk

Monster avatars are also divided into different categories. Includes demons, god dragons, goblins, skulls and fire ghosts. Each group of species contains characters with different looks and skills but of the same type. Besides, there are various weapons and clothes. Divided into bow and arrow faction. Both bow and sword have certain advantages and disadvantages. If you use a bow, you can attack from a distance. But it was more difficult to hit the target directly than with a sword. Download Minion Fighters to participate in the battle of the type of the youkai team.

How to Download & Install Minion Fighters MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android


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