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Updated 10/10/2021 (2 years ago)
NameLost Continent APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesFast move speed
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Lost Continent

A world full of magic and powerful energy is the ideal place everyone needs. To realize that simple dream, we can come to Lost Continent. This is where warriors with tremendous potential fight to become champions. Get legendary weapons and defeat giant monsters. Explore mystical locations with priceless treasures carefully hidden. An adventure that anyone can join.

It can be said that the attraction of Lost Continent is not inferior to MU or other role-playing games. The graphics are superior and have the style of classic PC games, and they were built on a background of a mystical world only in fantasy. The item systems, as well as the controls, are perfected in the best way. Players can experience and feel satisfied with what this game brings.

Lost Continent mod

Download Lost Continent mod – Never stop looking for strength for yourself

Before embarking on a challenging journey, you will have to choose for yourself one of eight characters. Each character is an elite warrior from different lands. Initially, you will not have anything at hand and have to perform the available tasks. This is inhabited by dangerous monsters so that you will see them everywhere. The quests will also mainly revolve around killing these monsters. You will also need to converse with others on your search for strength. The more inquiries you complete, the more experience and rewards you accumulate. You were becoming more potent over time, thanks to your hard work.

Lost Continent mod free

Big open world

Lost Continent is a massive world for you to move and explore freely. There are more than 50 different maps for you to unlock each time you complete the request. Usually will need to reach enough levels or do special quests to activate. All players on the server can meet and interact with each other. Hundreds of different NPCs are built according to the story of your journey. Each person has a particular role in leading you to success. From the desert, the aquarium, the hell to the palaces of angels waiting for you to arrive. Discover the limitless potential that you hold.

Free trade

During the game, you will occasionally earn a few rare but unusable items. Please don’t waste it by throwing it away because others might need it too. You need to sell it on your inventory for a suitable price. Other players looking at it can decide whether to buy or not. Or you can buy other people’s items if there is a need. In addition, two players can also directly exchange items with each other. Take advantage of all trades or trades to make yourself strong quickly. Be a smart player and know how to strengthen yourself.

Lost Continent mod apk

Various equipment

A hero will have to have all the necessary equipment to optimize his abilities. All will include helmets, armor, rings, gloves, weapons, chains, and wings. These items are ranked by color strength, such as white, green, blue, purple, yellow, and red. Items that are orange and below can be obtained by completing quests or killing monsters. But only red items can only be obtained during the spins. It is also possible to destroy the boss to receive this equipment and many attractive rewards. Don’t forget to upgrade to change the appearance effects and the stats that these equipment have.

Lost Continent mod android


Everyone needs to have a companion to make the adventure more exciting. Pets are the best choice for you to improve your strength. You can tame dragons, fairies, goblins, tigers, unicorns, and many other small creatures. Some pets provide high defense or increase combat power, and your stats will be significantly increased if you bring these pets. Continuous support dealing damage and creating some beneficial effects. Hunt for rare attribute pets in mysterious eggs or put pieces together. What’s better than having a solid companion?

Many other great features are waiting for you to discover in Lost Continent mod. Don’t miss the opportunity to become the rulers of the vast land. Easily defeat bosses and overcome the most difficult challenges.

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