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Introduce MOD APK Fortnite

The Battle Royale genre almost dominated the video game industry during 2017-2019. Since the legendary PUBG was released. Many games have relied on its popularity to create arenas that are also extremely creative. Not to mention that is Fortnite, the game has been released on many different platforms. Until now has encroached on the Mobile market. The reason it develops like that is not that it follows the success of PUBG before it. It is because the gameplay itself is somewhat separate from other games. I will make that clear to you shortly.

Still an arena with 100 different players. Still, the flight to the familiar island. But now everything looks much more colorful and colorful, along with brand new mechanics that are different from PUBG. Fortnite has amassed a large number of players during its existence. All are based on one principle that is modern technology. Fortnite possesses more technology than its predecessor. From there, creating exciting battles.

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Download Fortnite – Chaos 100 gunner arena

Players who have experienced PUBG can quite easily get used to how to play in Fortnite. You will still join a room of 100 people. Once started, it is possible to go on a flight together. Fly to the game’s trademark island. Each person will choose a moment to parachute and land in different locations. Except for members of a team, they will always follow each other closely. Then you and everyone else will scatter around. With the pickaxe in hand, start the work of equipping yourself with the most advanced weapons. To be the sole survivor on this island.

The special feature that makes this game completely different from PUBG is the pickaxe in each player’s hand. You will use it to destroy the houses on the island. Collect wood resources that you will need to use later, along with picking up a variety of guns and magazines, the most necessary support items for your battle journey. Use the collected wood to match the drawings. Build walls and create all kinds of structures as you like to suit the purpose and strategy you want to play.

Fortnite mod mod

Lots of weapons and featured items

Scattered across the island are countless different weapons and items. They have a slightly oriented design to the guns of the future. But all have the familiar functions of a rifle, shotgun, shotgun… Fortnite will also add items to heal, armor to make you stronger after fighting with opponents. These guns will also have different levels and powers based on their background color, from white being the lowest to orange being the highest grade. Usually, you will pick up purple and orange weapons at the end of the match when the circle has shrunk to a tiny size.

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Use your own tactics

I want to talk more about the wood resource in the game because it plays a pretty important role for any gunner. As you know you have to collect wood by using a pickaxe to destroy buildings. Then use the drawing to create the walls with many drawings of different shapes. You can build your own tunnel. But most of the wood will be used to shield enemy bullets. Craft simple buildings for tactical appeal. Help your opponent not to recognize your location. Wood is actually very versatile, and you can use it for any purpose.

Fortnite mod free

Fight with many interesting looks

Characters in Fortnite will have 2 basic looks for men and women. If you like, you can order new looks. Show your personality in matches that are outstanding and different. Fly everywhere with superhero costumes. Of course, it won’t have the ability like in the movie. Please pick up the gun and destroy them all with the famous X-men characters. The price of each type of outfit will not be too high for you to own. Don’t worry, and unleash your beautiful appearance right away.

Fortnite free

From the feeling and enthusiastic reaction of gamers. Until being released on many different platforms. Fortnite has proven that the game itself is a worthwhile product of Epic Games. At the same time bring people many new and beautiful trends. In particular, it also attracts a lot of famous YouTubers and streamers to play and give extremely positive reviews. Then why haven’t you tried the Fortnite mod yet?

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