Military Factory MOD APK (Menu/Add Cash Multiplier) 3.6

Updated 26/09/2023 (10 months ago)
NameMilitary Factory APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Add Cash Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Military Factory

Military Factory MOD APK is where you can explore the technology of manufacturing military vehicles. You will be the manager of an industrial plant and will have the opportunity to demonstrate your manufacturing talent. However, your job is not to create machines with regular functions. These will be devices used for military purposes and wars. Therefore, you need to ensure quality and quantity to meet the needs of war. And before those challenges, your manufacturing talent will be revealed. Get ready for the task of collecting materials and starting the work of manufacturing military equipment.

Military Factory mod

Your task as the manager of an industrial complex is manufacturing. And the devices you make belong to the military field, so this will be a new challenge. Besides, the equipment you make must meet the modern war situation. They will be complex devices, and you must create them quickly and accurately. Therefore, you must upgrade the factory during construction to have modern lines. In addition, you must balance the input materials and equipment produced to be profitable. Take on the challenge of running a factory with the function of manufacturing military equipment.

Military Factory apk

Download Military Factory MOD APK – Become the wealthiest person producing war equipment

You receive the most potential enrichment opportunity when running a manufacturing industrial park. And the orders you receive will be to produce equipment used in war. Each time, you will receive the task of creating and manufacturing specific models. Therefore, you must practice your manufacturing ability and find ways to improve your factory. Having more modern lines will upgrade both output and production quantity. Besides, hire more staff to serve the factory development goals. Show your talent in operating challenges and craft war items.

Military Factory mod apk

Collect production materials

The production of military equipment requires precision in the quantity and quality of materials. Therefore, as an industrial park owner, you need to manage materials strictly. You can hire military experts to help you test different components. You can use steel materials to make the core of products. As for plastic materials, you will use them to make outer covering details. There are also materials such as glass and sensors, so consider their functions carefully. Build a line to collect and use materials for production in Military Factory MOD APK.

Military Factory free

Meet customer needs

You operate an industrial park producing military equipment, so you will receive many customer orders. They will give you different samples, and your task is to create all the products. These could be small cars used to transport soldiers participating in combat. Or you will be tasked with creating giant tanks with destructive power. You will even have orders to produce modern airplanes and helicopters. So use your manufacturing talent to meet all demands from customers. Successfully create military equipment and prove you are a talented boss.

Military Factory android

Development of production factory

With your manufacturing talent, you will fulfill every order to create war equipment. And that will spread your reputation far and wide and get you even more requests. So you must develop factories and production areas to keep up with that situation. You can upgrade your manufacturing system and hire workers to run it for you. Then, you can safely use the money to renovate and decorate the factory from the outside to the inside. You will buy additional manufacturing equipment and furniture for workers to use. Prove you are a talented manager in both production and factory development.

Military Factory mod free

You will start receiving orders for equipment manufacturing at your industrial park. There you have modern production lines and can meet customer needs. And during the manufacturing process, you will discover different types of powerful weapons. These will range from trucks to destructive weapons such as tanks and airplanes. Therefore, you must collect many production materials to meet your manufacturing needs. Then, deliver the results to customers and receive bonuses to develop the factory. Download Military Factory MOD APK to conquer the career of leading and operating a military factory.

How to Download & Install Military Factory MOD APK (Menu/Add Cash Multiplier) for Android


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