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Updated on 24/02/2023 (1 month ago)
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Have you ever imagined that one day you will be kidnapped? You are knocked unconscious by someone and when you wake up you find yourself in a very dark and scary place. At this point, you do not know what to do to escape. The question in your mind is, “Am I supposed to die?” This is completely something you may encounter in life. There is a game created to help you experience that feeling. The name of this game is METEL HORROR ESCAPE. The game is one of those novel puzzle games. More specifically, the game is not only a simple puzzle game, but it also incorporates a number of horror elements that appeal to players.

METEL HORROR ESCAPE brings players to the freak world through sharp 3D graphics. The character designs, houses, and landscapes are all built-in horror style. The sound of the game is invested, the sound is very similar to reality. This will help players have the most realistic gaming experience. METEL HORROR ESCAPE interacts with players extremely well through game characters. Players can hear the characters communicate through voice effects. This gives players the experience of both playing games and feeling like watching a horror movie in theaters. There are many ways to diversify the gameplay, although there are still great similarities. Antarctica 88, The Twins will testify to some entertaining horror game.


Download METEL HORROR ESCAPE mod – puzzle game combining horror elements

The world of the game is filled with dark and gruesome colors. Dramatic music rhythm, sudden noises will make you feel nervous for every second. Here you will have to escape the traps of a madman. He is both eccentric and a bit crazy. You are the kidnapped target he was targeting. Kidnappers will lock you up in secret places like an abandoned house, a metal cage, or a dark basement. Here you will probably endure the torture of your kidnappers. Everything around you is only blood and tears. Your mission in the game is to find the way out of these places.


Puzzle and escape

Currently, METEL HORROR ESCAPE has 2 characters for you to experience. A male and female characters are Alan and Emily, respectively. The control system and manipulation of the game are quite simple. All operations are done by the touch screen method. There are 3 levels for players to explore. These levels have completely unrelated content. You will have 6 puzzles that need to be solved at each level. These are the puzzles that involve finding the key to escape. You need to look for items that are hidden by the kidnapper in the place where you are being held. They are mainly small objects or weapons such as scissors, ropes, fuses, forks,…


Attractive plot

METEL HORROR ESCAPE includes many fascinating storylines. The first plot is titled “Awakening”. In this story, you will become an employee of the company. One blizzard night after work and on the way home. When walking through a small forest, you are chased by a shadow. Now you are extremely scared and run away. But unfortunately, you still get knocked out and taken to a monstrous place. You wake up and find yourself locked in an extremely solid metal cage. That crazy kidnapper is very close to you. Now you need to exit the cage and go to the basement.


The second plot that you will discover is “Basement”. Here you will meet a girl who is also the victim of a crazy kidnapper. After learning the story of this girl you have decided to hide in the basement with her. It seemed that everything was fine, but that was not the case. Do you think you have escaped his pursuit? Not yet! He couldn’t find you so he opened the gas valve. The gas rushed into the basement and the girl and her friend started having difficulty breathing. Now you have to find the gas mask and escape from the basement before you die here.


The way to survive

Passing through the other horror detention place, you will reach a small, simple camp on the street. This is your way of survival. There is a sewer line here. To hide from the kidnapper who is still looking for you, going through the sewers is the right choice. You need a car to leave this place. The warehouse is the end of the sewer line. Try to find the keys and fuel around the warehouse. Then get in the car and get rid of the evil kidnapper.


METEL HORROR ESCAPE is an engaging puzzle game. The game has horror elements that make the player attractive and thrilling. If you are a fan of the horror game genre, do not miss this game! The game has a very good story. Throughout the game are stories that seem to be separate but still follow an understandable logic. Nice graphics, visual and sound effects are a plus for METEL HORROR ESCAPE. Download the METEL HORROR ESCAPE mod to participate in solving dramatic puzzles and discovering interesting character stories.

Download METEL HORROR ESCAPE MOD APK (Unlocked paid mask) for Android

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