Army games: Gun Shooting MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 1.0.16

Updated 11/09/2021 (2 years ago)
NameArmy games: Gun Shooting APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Army games: Gun Shooting

Most FPS shooting games have a large screen angle. With the unique feature that all must be horizontally on the smartphone screen. Still, there is a game with a theme for shooting. But it’s designed according to the vertical screen. Do you believe it? Of course, it’s hard to believe. So today I will tell you about Army games: Gun Shooting. The first-person shooter game is probably the only one. So far, the design follows the school screen. Let’s see what’s interesting about it.

Like many other shooting games. Army games: Gun Shooting still has designs that follow the standards of first-person shooters. The only difference is that you will play it on a vertical screen. As for the gameplay, we will again participate in the work of a special soldier. Rushing on the battlefield. Use every weapon he has to take out all enemies in sight. Because it is designed differently, controlling the character will not be too complicated. A little different from landscape games.

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Download Army games: Gun Shooting mod – Shoot in a new way

The levels are arranged so that your character can move around on a large map. From there, the types of enemies will gradually appear and move towards you. With guns in hand. You have to fire and destroy them all to complete the mission. Find a chance to survive on the battlefield. Enemies have their own health bar and will deplete as you fire at them. Each level is divided into different phases. Each wave will have a number of enemies rush to you. Whether you can destroy them and complete the level depends on your own marksmanship.

The types of enemies can be terrorists, special forces, machines… They all have their own number displayed at the top of the screen. When all enemies are destroyed, it will return to 0 and you win the game. However, it is not that simple. When going through many battles, the enemy also gradually increases in number as well as the damage dealt. With 100 health you can hardly survive except by killing them immediately in each level. This takes long practice to practice reflexes, good aiming.

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Choose your favorite weapon

There are dozens of weapons for you to freely choose to use on the battlefield. There are people who are more technically inclined to buy themselves rifles, shotguns, or even pistols for hardcore. There are many people who like chaos and noise with machine guns and shotguns. In general, they are very diverse in number. Along with a very beautiful and realistic image. You can buy them at the store, freely choose the types. The damage and technique depend on the type you use. So I think you should practice for yourself to master one dish. Then consider training with the next weapons.

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Reach reward milestones

When you’ve been through a lot of tough gunfights. Overcome countless challenges of marksmanship skills. The game will have a lot of milestone gifts for you. As a mental encouragement so that you can stick with the game more. The rewards will include special guns, not sold in the shop. A large amount of money is enough for you to spend lavishly, unique achievements. Only players who pass the record can get it. Sounds interesting already, isn’t it? So why not start practicing right now.

Defend and destroy

In the main mission of the game, you are a special forces soldier and your teammates infiltrate the enemy’s lair. The gangsters, terrorists… Your task as mentioned above is to destroy all of them. Find yourself many important clues to lead to the next level. At the same time, there is an intimate task that is to protect his teammates. On the battlefield, protecting teammates and completing missions is always the number one priority. Destroy the enemy who dares to sneak behind your teammates. They will be very grateful and support you a lot in the future.

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With many attractive details for players. The visual effects on the battlefield are also very beautiful and realistic. Especially the vertical screen design brings its unique features. Army games: Gun Shooting is an exciting shooting game. Although it is a first-person shooter, it does not require too many complicated skills. You can also play while lying down or with just one hand. Very suitable for entertainment and relaxation, all wrapped up in Army games: Gun Shooting mod. Download now to experience.

How to Download & Install Army games: Gun Shooting MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android


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