METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK 7.9.1 (Unlimited AP, skills)

Posted 1 year ago by Thuỷ Dương
MOD FeaturesUnlimited AP, skills
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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MOD Infomation
  • V1: Unlimited AP.
  • V2: Unlimited AP, skills

Tired of the popular games these days? Want to test your abilities with something new? Then today we will come to a game with goalkeeper style. That is the game METAL SLUG ATTACK, a strategy game that challenges your skills and wits. Try the game now and see how it gives us an enjoyable and wonderful experience.

With so many different types of games, game play is also a choice supported by many gamers. Although the game has a very classic style. But it gives gamers a very eye-catching experience. The most modern, state-of-the-art weapons created. The characters with a cool style carry weapons of destruction. You have to how to summon the characters is reasonable and control them to attack the enemy side, destroy and the total attack makes the enemy unable to resist. Creating tough and tense battles. Bring yourself a glorious victory and a really high score. Affirming command with control.


Download METAL SLUG ATTACK mod – Become a defense expert

Is a game with familiar 2D graphics similar to many old games before. It will not be difficult if you are a beginner. You will easily and quickly approach this gameplay. But to play well you will need to spend a good amount of time practicing. As your abilities have improved it will be very easy to guess the enemy’s strategy. You can calculate so that the number you call is the most reasonable and ultimately wins the enemy. Become an expert in composition and composition.


Very simple gameplay

If you do not have a concept of this game, do not worry. The rules of the game are very simple. You own a few characters and in battle, you can call them out and fight the enemy characters. If the game’s manipulation problems become your barrier, don’t worry. Having a support system will help you as well as give you some strategies to make it easier for you to play. Try to use your intelligence to defeat the enemy.


Thousands of interesting quests

METAL SLUG ATTACK has a system that includes a variety of mission sequences. Players will complete these quests to receive rewards that can be used to buy stronger characters. Improve your own squad. This series of missions will span in many different game modes. The game modes in METAL SLUG ATTACK are also very typical such as hostage rescue, Combat School, and treasure hunting. Each of these modes has its own cool and unique features. Please experience it for yourself.


Upgrade squad to more terrible

In the METAL SLUG ATTACK lineup is a very important factor that you should not ignore. Go through fierce battles and win you will receive resources. These resources will be used to upgrade equipment, evolve them to a higher level. Unlock new skills that are even more awesome for them. Then your squad will get stronger. Can cope with more difficult battles. From there gives you more resources to upgrade. Create formations with tremendous power and crush those who stand in your way. Win them and bring back the glory.


Fight with the world

If you think you are alone in the game, then you are wrong. The game has an online match mode that allows you to pair with gamers around the world and compare your skills with them. From there you will learn more experience playing as well as hone a lot of skills. Create a sense of cohesion among gamers and increase the fun in METAL SLUG ATTACK. It is one of the features that many players appreciate about the game.

Invite your friends to fight

Not just fighting with the opponent. In METAL SLUG ATTACK, you can also make friends, invite friends to fight and support and cooperate with each other. It is in-game modes like Guild Raid or Special OPS. Helping each other in levels is a way for friends to understand each other better. Increased team skills and communication ability. This makes the game more dramatic and can increase the ability to overcome difficult levels. So have you seen this game super interesting yet? Download and experience now METAL SLUG ATTACK and become a master of combat. Together with friends to overcome difficulties and challenges. Build an invincible squad and crush your opponents.

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK (Unlimited AP, skills) for Android

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