Mergeland MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.29.0

Updated 20/07/2024 (5 days ago)
NameMergeland APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Mergeland MOD APK detail?

Using diamonds will increase instead of decrease.

Introduce MOD APK Mergeland

The world of Mergeland can only be built with the hands of the chosen one. You are the one who deserves this highest and most significant honor. Create powerful spirits with all kinds of different abilities in the world. Make them evolve more and more and reach the highest realm. Become a professional spirit breeder with many advanced techniques that can be learned. Explore the vast spirit land of born legends.

Combine and level up is what Mergeland offers to players from all over the world. Simple but not boring at all can be felt in this game. The story is built from myths only found in fairy tales. Images are reproduced sharp and filled with magical colors. Both gentle entertainment and intellectual training after each playing time. Start building your world right now.

Mergeland mod

Download Mergeland mod – Raise and upgrade powerful spirits

Mergeland was once where spirits lived and thrived for thousands of years. But peace did not last long when the evil witch appeared. This whole world has been cursed and frozen by hatred and dark magic. You are the savior with the role of reviving this entire land. Participate in challenges to create items needed for your purposes. Let’s combine two similar items to form a higher-level object. Keep doing this until the required amount is included. Grow your spirits so that they mature and become strong. All efforts will be commensurate with results.

Mergeland mod free


The spirits living in a world of Mergeland are incredibly diverse, with many different species. Their attributes will be classified according to metal, wood, water, fire, and earth systems. You can get random eggs and wait to see what kind it will hatch. Each spirit needed an environment piece that matched its attribute. You can upgrade areas dedicated to them to accommodate these spirits. More than 750 different types of hearts for you to collect freely. Opening the mysterious eggs gives you a chance to win random shades. Work hard to get solid and cute spirits.

Mergeland mod apk

Spirit hybrids

If you want to diversify your collection, it is impossible not to mention crossbreeding. The exciting thing is that you can breed any two spirits with each other. Feel free to combine the same or different systems to become a couple at will. They will then lay eggs, and you have to wait for the results after the eggs hatch. It will have one of two systems coming from either parent and a combination of the two. With hundreds of different hybridizations, you get exciting products. The hybrid spirits were born with a unique beauty that could not be found anywhere else. Enrich your ecosystem with this fun method.

Mergeland mod apk free

Construction of works

Your island lacks quite a few things needed for its rebuilding work. Therefore, you need to create new buildings to provide your materials. Farms with a variety of crops can produce food for spirits. Sell ​​the necessary materials to collect additional costs for your inventory. You can place your construction anywhere on your island. You can expand your island area by going exploring. Thus, there will be a lot more area to develop works. Make the island more diverse and help you always have abundant resources to build.

Mergeland mod android

More decorations

If you want your island to become more beautiful, you need exciting decorations. They will be sold in the store with a lot of beautiful models. The more expensive the decorations, the more they require you to pay. Buy things in your power to enrich your surroundings from fountains, statues, flower beds, or lots of walls. Design your different parts of the island with the fantastic ambiance it offers. A beautiful collection of spirits along with worthwhile constructions is what you have. The more you play, the better you will develop the island.

Mergeland mod is a peaceful game, not fighting, not noisy like many other genres. You can comfortably enjoy an exciting simulated nature space recreated in this world.

How to Download & Install Mergeland MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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