Merge Spaceship MOD APK 2.22.4 (High money)

Updated on 28/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameMerge Spaceship APK
MOD FeaturesHigh money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation
  • High Money Output

Restart the game and you gain massive Money

Use spaceships and merge them to explore the universe in the game Merge Spaceship. Extraterrestrial space is still vast, with many mysteries yet to be discovered. Humanity has always longed to find everything hidden under the calm exterior of the universe. They created space fleets and sent spaceships out of the earth. You also have the honor of operating on this fleet and admiring the universe. Spaceships will be the tools to help you earn money and open your fleet. Make a space race of ships and merge them into a battle space station.

The space mission you get out of the earth isn’t just commanding ships. Humans already have the technology that makes them more robust by merging. You are assigned this responsibility and have to control all the ships in space. They will help you earn money and complete space races like travel. These spaceships can merge, and they also have a protective mission. The space station system, with its fleet, can be the target of many different bad guys. Take over spaceships and evolve into a battle-ready space station.

Merge Spaceship android

Download Merge Spaceship – Merge spaceships and explore the galaxy

Scientists in space must have built a space station with a pooled foundation. They need someone who dares to go out and take on the responsibility of developing things. You are the one they choose because of your ability to control vast spaceships. Those ships will become stronger as you merge spaceships. Each new ship will gradually be born under your active work and contribute to discovery. The vast galaxy is still open to those trying to develop spaceships. Travel beyond the earth with excitement and merge ships to explore the galactic world.

Merge Spaceship mod

Space race

It would be best if you created your way of making money from those spaceships. A space circuit surrounds your space station for the ships to practice. You will receive a training bonus each time the spacecraft goes through a closed path. And the faster your ship moves, the more money you receive. When you complete the space race, it is the same as when you meet space travel. Galaxies are all around you, and it’s only when you control the ships that you feel their presence. Control each spaceship to perform a space race to earn money to buy spaceships.

Merge Spaceship free

Ship merge

Your spaceships need to complete laps and earn you money to buy new ships. But this can slow down when your ships are initially moving too slowly. You can fix this by finding ships and merging them. Vessels created from combining will become more assertive with faster movement speed. The faster they complete the space race, the more money they get from the fleet. Moreover, when you merge, you also have the opportunity to unlock new ships. Combine ships in the space fleet and make many benefits from them.

Merge Spaceship apk

Fleet expansion

Space exploration would not be possible if you only had a few ships sporadically. The universe is vast, and you need a lot of spaceships to complete the mission. To expand your fleet, you must strive to level up to keep up with the exploration progress. Combining ships will help you gain experience for your fleet. Once the fleet has gained enough experience, it will enter a new squad level and unlock the location. That’s where the ships you buy will be stored and waiting for you to take off the circuit. Make spaceship combinations and expand your space fleet to explore the galaxy.

Merge Spaceship mod apk

Space missions will always be challenging when you have to do them alone. But that means you can comfortably witness everything out in space. You will admire the beauty of outer space while taking the ships out to the circuit. Each galaxy will flash through one by one as you take control of each vessel and merge them. The ship will be the only tool for developing your space fleet. Floating alone in the middle of an ample space will have many difficulties, but nothing is impossible. Download Merge Spaceship mod and merge spaceships to explore the vast universe.

Download Merge Spaceship MOD APK (High money) for Android

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