Behind the Frame MOD APK (Unlock Chapters) 2.0.4

Updated on 25/12/2022 (3 months ago)
NameBehind the Frame APK
PublisherAkupara Games
MOD FeaturesUnlock Chapters
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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An excellent gift for those who love colour in painting. You have one more option to relax after a hard day’s work. Behind the Frame will give you a space with poetic colours. You are a talented artist with favourite drawings. The game’s motif of solving puzzles and completing beautiful illustrations will captivate you. You don’t have to have flowers to draw well or be a painter. Now you will create your own colourful and attractive pictures. Many fascinating secrets are waiting for you in this small space. The tiny house full of artists’ colours is your wonderful experience space.

You and your character are talented female artists finishing the drawing in the final steps. You have a small but very spacious and cozy house. A poetic kitchen for your emotions and ideas is always full. The strange mysteries make you start to be curious and step into the discovery. You will complete a variety of operations, not just painting activities. Unleash the creativity of a female artist. Or help this girl finish her painting soon to be exhibited. Don’t forget to overcome the exciting puzzle challenges that leave you full of surprises!

behind the frame mod

Download Behind the Frame mod – Unlimited creativity

Immersed in a space full of poetic and straightforward, you will create beautiful paintings with your artist. There are only a few steps left for the work to be completed and soon exhibited. But the little strange things made the girl curious and began to explore. You will, in turn, seek and conquer the challenges that Behind the Frame offers. Pay close attention to the task and observe. Don’t forget to collect many remarkable features to discover the reason for these mysteries. In addition to the creative moments, you will take on the role of finding and conquering challenges. A relaxing game but still very attractive by the mysterious stories behind it.

behind the frame mod apk

Charming poetic space

Each frame in Behind the Frame will make you nod in praise. They are all highly realistic drawings from outside artists. When included in the game platform, the strokes and colours are almost preserved compared to the original. The house is small but fully furnished to make you feel hot. This is a place for the petite artist girl to delight in creating great paintings. Tiny details such as the table, chair, cup or cat are very realistic with bright and poetic colours. You will be immersed in a space full of delicate blooms. This poetic beauty will surely make you unable to forget this space daily. So let your girl be creative and ready to overcome all challenges in this game.

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Not just an artist

Behind the Frame is unique because of its captivating storyline. Strange and puzzling phenomena happened that caused the female artist to learn gradually. You will work with your artist to colour the incomplete pictures. Each colour array appears exceptionally quickly through the touch of the screen. Not stopping there, you must find answers to challenging puzzles to find many hints for stories. Behind the Frame is different because it is not just a general plot. In each scene, there will be a mysterious story behind it. All came in a gentle, unexpected and lovely way. You will have moments of creativity as an artist and moments of discovery.

behind the frame apk

Gentle, relaxing experience

If you are too bored with jigsaw puzzles or fighting, Behind the Frame will be your number one choice. You will have moments of authentic entertainment with this game. The variety of colours and activities full of surprises and fun excite players. The beautiful space and slow game pace make you even more comfortable. Challenging challenges and puzzles will gradually unfold. They are interwoven with the colours you paint yourself so they will be harmonious and rhythmic. Enjoy the time of rest with colourful but not dull.

behind the frame apk free

A game that will make you nod satisfied with its highly smooth interface and action. The harmony of colours and the balance of challenges create a unique point. Are you ready for the quizzes full of surprises? Let’s start entering the dream world with talented artists. Download Behind the Frame mod to immediately experience creative photo frames and challenge with challenging puzzles to decipher stories.

Download Behind the Frame MOD APK (Unlock Chapters) for Android

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