Merge Myths MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.2.3

Updated on 02/02/2023 (3 days ago)
NameMerge Myths APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Merge Myths MOD APK Infomation

Click on the dollar price in the store to add diamonds, after clicking to buy you need to use it once (or restart the game) to refresh the value.

If you are a brave person, the challenge of Merge Myths will not be difficult. That is to rescue the gods from the curse they are suffering. A dark curse is covering the palace of light. Free them all with your incredible power. Strength comes from the wisdom and agility of a hero. The premium merge can remove the nasty stuff—bringing a new way of life to all that exists here. Make recent history with your name perfectly honored.

Use the merge and build merge method again, and we have Merge Myths. This is a worthy effort from the developer to depict the myth. A history that needs to be promoted with exciting episodes. When there is a logical change, we need to solve the puzzle. This way of playing can not make it difficult for you too much by any means. It gives us a feeling of absolute entertainment without thinking much. The joy is multiplied when you achieve victories and freely exchange everything you like.

Merge Myths mod

Download Merge Myths mod – Merge to rescue the gods

The noble Mount Olympus is receiving a curse for their mistake. Make everything broken by that madness and stupidity. You will rescue the gods by gradually rebuilding the majesty of Olympus. Solve puzzles by combining two similar tools. Make a new tool and work until you get what you want. We will use what we have just earned to rebuild the buildings. Rescue the gods trapped in the seals. We are gradually creating a city with constant development where the light will reign over all creatures of the world.

New items appear

While searching for valuable items, many things will appear to help you. From big things like houses and gardens to temples to the gods. With small things like statues or pets like cows or sheep. You also have to merge to harvest precious jewels. The treasures of the gods also need to be unlocked to use. Thousands of more advanced things will appear when combined. This promotion will help us find more beneficial things. With them, you will get perfect items. Help the construction more and more complete quickly.

Merge Myths mod free

Unlock characters

Each of the gods lying on Mount Olympus will be rescued by you and help rebuild their glory. Each of them has a temple and also a place of residence. When it’s done, it’s time to restore their original strength. We need to help these people find their weapons. When all is done, you can add new characters to the collection. We will gradually unlock new gods and their powers. At the same time, accompany them in their journey to regain glory. Their pose will make you full of positive energy. Find joy in the next trip.

Merge Myths mod apk

Take advantage of resources.

Each building in your city will be available to use after being completed. They will create resources for you to exploit at any time. Resources will include different types of ores and wood, and iron. There are also magic crystals filled with enormous power. Thanks to that, you can level up steadily. Unlock new parts of the city to utilize all the resources in the Merge Myths mod.

Download Merge Myths MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android

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